Time4Learning Review 2023: Is It a Suitable Service for Essay Writing?
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Today, homeschooling is a popular solution for students who are unable to attend educational institutions for various reasons. A school can be too far from home, especially in the countryside. If you are unable to go to your school or need quick academic help, you can google online services providing educational assistance for students. 


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We can’t recommend Time4Learning, there are platforms with much better performance.

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On the other hand, choosing the right platform for online studying is a complicated thing. In this article, we are going to review Time4Learning – one of the agencies offering study materials. To start with, here are the essential facts about TimeforLearning:

  • More than 600,000 families supported
  • Six learning awards
  • Excellent ratings on review platforms
  • More than 15 years of experience

How can you benefit from this service? Read our review to find out.

Time4Learning Website Specifics

The agency clearly explains all the benefits of its services and homeschooling on the whole. You can quickly find out the necessary information on the platform. The site features subscription costs, which is convenient. If you are new to home education, Time4Learning will gladly explain the whole process in detail. At first sight, it is a reputable and credible agency ready to help.

Time4Learning Review

The navigation is also user-friendly. You can conveniently get to know everything about the curriculum, available subjects, FAQ, and many more. Unlike other services, you do not need to ask the customer support about each aspect of the learning platform. You get everything right away.

Quality of Study Materials

Overall, many customers find study materials satisfying. You can visit the View Demo page to evaluate the quality of the provided lessons. The company emphasizes the entertaining aspect of education. It arranges the studying process in a way that allows students to learn new information with humor and fun. The lessons are never dull this way. Emotions can help everyone memorize information more efficiently.

Although Time4Learning focuses on trendy online education, the quality of the provided materials is questionable. Video lessons and printable sheets appear to be simplified.

Look at the structure of the “Earth Science” course. This material consists of 18 chapters touching various subjects. It starts with Earth models and ends with space exploration. It is not possible to encompass full geology, earth science, astronomy, biology, and geography courses within 18 chapters.

Time4Learning Review

Are Study Materials Legit?

The time 4 Learning curriculum is not accredited. The agency explicitly states that its learning plans and activities are not approved. Since this company is not an online school, the accreditation does not apply to it. However, Time4Learning also asserts its programs are widely used in many schools across the US. Can you find evidence to support these claims? We couldn’t.

National learning standards apply to educational institutions to satisfy the schooling requirements for each grade and area of study. Curriculum regulations ensure high-quality education across the nation.

Since the Time4Learning educational plans do not apply to national learning standards, parents face multiple issues when their children try to enroll in college. They have to search for colleges and universities that accept homeschoolers. Also, the service does not issue diplomas. Therefore, parents have to take full responsibility for graduation.

You will use Time4Learning at your own risk. If you expect to pass the college enrollment tests, this service will not be helpful for you anyway. There is no 100% guarantee that this agency features valid lessons.

The Range of Time4Learning Services

How can you benefit from this agency? It provides thousands of learning activities in different subject areas, including social and natural science, and languages. You can find educational programs structured by grade and field of study. Time4Learning features study plans for the following academic levels:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle school
  • High school

The customers use Time4Leraning for homeschooling in the first place. What about academic essays for students? The company does not provide essay writing services. You will not find any dedicated writer on the platform to craft your essay. Instead, the agency offers a writing course that covers some of the academic paper topics.

How it Works

Time4Learning students can create an educational program to meet their studying needs. It is up to you what subject you want to learn. You get complete freedom in your studying. The educational process involves:

  • Watching video lessons
  • Completing assignments
  • Getting grades and reports on results

It is worth mentioning that Time4Learning approaches study materials creatively. The primary educational activities include video lessons.

Time4Learning Review

Students can watch lessons for as many times as they need to discover the topic to the fullest. After kids finish the theoretical part, they proceed to practice. Children can solidify their knowledge with interactive assignments, quizzes, and worksheets for which they receive grades.

Parents can easily monitor the progress of their children with the help of Time4Learning statistics and reports.

While Time4Learning makes home education engaging and entertaining, it cannot become a substitution to traditional studying. As we mentioned before, it involves risks concerning future education.

Since children cannot objectively evaluate their educational needs, parents usually decide what subjects are the best for their kids. Parents may not be fully aware of the teaching methods, which results in limited studying potential of their children.


Time4Writing is a course that aims to enhance the student’s writing potential. If you visit this website to get some extra tips on your essays, you will not find any useful info. Since Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum supplier, it will not give you many advantages over traditional education.
The Time4Writing course will not differ from your academic writing classes in high school. It only gives you the basics of essay writing, as well as the assignments to complete. You will not get any information that will help you craft a brilliant essay right away. You can find articles with extra tips for essays on the internet for free. The Time4Learning course, on the contrary, is fee-based.


You can study foreign languages on the Time4Learning platform. This course is added to the primary curriculum. It includes studying materials and learning activities for nine languages alongside English.

Is there something special about these programs? The agency applies an alternative methodology in studying languages. It aims to teach students how to think in a different language. However, these learning programs lack crucial teaching techniques, such as grammar-translation, which is a downside of Time4Learning. Each course is six months long. Frankly speaking, six months is enough to learn only the basics.

Homeschooling Advice

Time4Learning gives parents comprehensive guides on teaching their kids of different ages. You can find suggestions on homeschooling children of five to eighteen years old.

Time4Learning Review

Each manual provides a reasonable piece of advice about:

  • What to expect from your child.
  • What curriculum you should choose for your child.
  • What challenges your kids overcome during studying.

Time4Learning Review

You can also download a comprehensive homeschooling guide for free. Enter your name and email address in the sidebar and get an instant email with the download link to the PDF manual.

Time4Learning Review

This guideline is 23 pages long and covers the following aspects:

  • Starting teaching children at home
  • Understanding the learning style of your kid
  • Planning your education
  • Homeschooling specifics

Time4Learning Review

Lesson Planner Tool

Parents may experience difficulties while creating educational programs for their children. On the Time4Learning site, you can get an understanding of the approximate studying complexity for each grade.

Time4Learning Review

After that, you should use an activity planner to create a worksheet. The agency explains each step to make the whole process straightforward for parents who are new to homeschooling.

Time4Learning Review

Learning Style Guides

We are all unique, yet have some things in common, especially regarding information perception and learning. Children absorb information in different ways. Some study better by visual processing. They are spatial learners. Visual learning style involves images, diagrams, charts, etc. You can read more about each of the seven learning organization types. These studying aspects are crucial and allow you to maximize your kid’s educational potential.

Parents Forum

There is a forum for parents on the Time4Learning website too. It is a useful source if you need suggestions on the services. Parents can clarify some details concerning different homeschooling aspects on the forum. The community is friendly and responsive. You can participate in discussions to share your experience.

Payments and Safety Measures

Time4Learning will require making payments during registration. To create an account, take these steps:

1.Go to Time4Learning.com and press the sign-up button.

Time4Learning Review

2. The registration menu is meant for parents. You should enter your full name, email address, and make up a password. You should also enter your phone number, which is obligatory. Add students to the service. Afterward, press Continue.

Time4Learning Review

3. Make a payment. You can use debit and credit cards. Time4Learning supports multiple card issuers to make purchases convenient.

Can you rely on this agency in terms of digital security? Yes, you can. The company holds the GeoTrust certificate ensuring secure transactions. The Time4Learning website features 256-byte encryption. You can see that you are unable to use PayPal to make a transaction during registration. PayPal transfers are available, but you need to contact the support team to make the purchase.

Time4Learning Review

Time4Learning Pricing Policy

The prices are comparatively high. You can find many cheaper services with better quality.

The agency offers a monthly subscription:

  • $19.95 per PreK-8th package. You pay $14.95 for each student you add afterward.
  • $30 for high school students.

Here are the prices for additional courses:

  • $59.95 for six months of Time4Languages
  • $99.95 for eight weeks of Time4Writing

Referral Program and Discounts

Time4Learning features a beneficial referral program. All members can receive $25 on their balance or get a free month of services. To get the discount, you should share a Time4Learning referral link. You can place it on your social media page, blog, website, etc. Members will benefit from the unlimited number of newcomers.

Also, existing customers can receive special offers from time to time. You can check the available discounts on the website.

Time4Learning Delivery and Deadlines

There are no deliverable services on the website. You get instant access to all the materials on the site right after registration. And since there are no writers completing essays, you should not worry about any deadlines. The homeschooling guide requests are processed automatically, and you will receive the manual instantly. If no email appears in your mailbox, you should check the spam folder.

Does Time4Learning provide Refunds?

You can receive a refund if you register on the platform for the first time. It is because Time4Learning does not offer a trial. The agency provides full compensation within 14 days. If you cancel your subscription within this time frame, you will receive full reimbursement. Additional writing and language courses apply to these requirements as well.

Unfortunately, no refund is available for long-term customers. Also, you are unable to get compensation if you purchase the services using PayPal.

Customer Support at Time for Learning

You can reach the customer staff within an acceptable time. Live chat is available. However, it does not work every time you visit the website. The support team can reply to your request instantly, so you can resolve urgent issues. More than that, you can always proceed to the FAQ page. It is extensive and informative. The support team is also available via email and by phone.

With the support email, you will receive a response within 24 hours though.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Time4Learning


  • A large number of study materials
  • Discounts
  • Lots of solutions for home studying


  • No essay-related features
  • Educational programs are not accredited
  • Paid registration
  • No features for college and university students

Conclusion on Time4Learning

Despite Time4Learning advantages over other educational assistance services, we would not recommend it to you. It is not an option for college or university students. Also, this company does not bring any value to those who study in onsite institutions. Therefore, its audience is limited. You should not pay attention to praising Time4Learning reviews.

If you study at home, think twice before choosing this company since its materials are not accredited. It will be problematic to get a diploma afterward. If you need assistance on academic papers, find a dedicated agency that will offer you professional solutions at reasonable prices.

Best Alternative:



Visit site


What is Time4Learning?

This agency offers study materials for homeschoolers. Students attending educational institutions will not find this service helpful.

Is Time4Learning Legit?

The company is legally registered. You can use its services lawfully. However, its educational materials are not accredited. You will use them at your own risk.

How much does Time4Learning Cost?

The prices depend on the number of students you invite to the service. The costs start at $19.95 per month, and there is no upper limit. Additional learning materials start at $59.95.

Is Time4Learning Scam?

The company does not show signs of fraud behavior.

Is Time4Learning Safe?

This agency provides a malware-free environment for customers. All payments conducted via its website are safe due to SSL encryption.

Are there Time4Learning Discounts?

Customers can receive $25 or use a month of services for free in the framework of the referral program. Also, you can get a 25% discount when you add more than two PreK-8 students to your account.

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