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StudyBay tries very hard to gain some edge over its competitors, but at the end of the day, customers only care about the prices and the quality of papers. StudyBay is rather disappointing in both regards: its services often turn out to be overpriced and its quality of writing is not impressive enough.


Price from $6
Discount -
Deadline 24 hours
Company Edutec Limited



Studybay is not a scam, but we wouldn’t recommend it as it rather reminds us a lottery, than a reliable service.

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Overview of StudyBay

Like many students, you probably have just one question you want to answer with our review: “StudyBay: is it trustworthy?” However, it’s impossible to answer this question without taking a deeper look at StudyBay and its operations. Study Bay is an academic writing service that was launched only in 2012, which is relatively late compared to some other writing services.

The thing we instantly noticed about StudyBay is that it tries its hardest to pretend it’s something more than an essay writing service. Instead of advertising its writing services, it offers you a chance to connect with renowned experts in their academic fields and get quality help with your assignments. However, if you look close enough, you will see that Study Bay is an absolutely typical essay writing company, so this attempt to deceit the customers doesn’t sit well with us.

My Experience

We want our review of Study Bay to be fair and impartial, and the only way to achieve that is to go through the whole journey through the eyes of a customer. So how does StudyBay work and how to use StudyBay as a first-time customer? Here is what you can expect.

You can browse the Study Bay website for a while to find out more about its features and rules, but if you want to place an order or see how it works, you will need to create an account first. Signing up to Study Bay takes less than a minute and requires you to specify your email and set your password. There is no need to confirm your account via email right away, so you can do it later.

StudyBay Reviews

If you want one of the StudyBay experts to work on your assignment, you will need to publish your project first. There are only a few fields for you to fill in. You need to include the title and description of your project, as well as choose the type and subject area of the assignment. Additionally, you can set the deadline, attach any relevant materials, and invite a specific expert to your project.

StudyBay Review

Once you fill in all the fields, the project is published and every expert of Study Bay can see it. After publishing our project, we received an endless number of bids from the writers, and it wasn’t easy to decide who will do our assignment. The prices offered by the writers were nearly identical, so we went by the ratings to choose the highest-rated writer.

In the end, the finished paper did not live up to our expectations. It was delivered before the deadline, but it failed to impress us with its quality. The writer clearly did not take into account many of our requirements, even even though we specifically mentioned that the paper needs to be on a college level, the final draft was more suitable for middle school. Overall, we feel like if it was a real assignment at school, we would fail it with this paper, and that is why we were not completely satisfied with our order.

StudyBay: Writers And Paper Quality

When students are wondering “Is Study Bay legit?”, they usually mean whether they can actually get a well-written academic assignment from a professional writer from the service. So let’s look at StudyBay’s pool of writers and paper quality in detail. The first thing you should know is that Study Bay does not refer to its authors as writers — on this site, you can only find experts. There are detailed expert profiles with photos and reviews, but we have strong reasons to suspect that they are partially fake and use other people’s photos as their own.

Since there is no real way to check whether the expert you have hired is actually who he says he is, you can never be sure that your assignment is done by a professional author. This is probably why the quality of the papers tends to be so uneven on StudyBay. It very much depends on who you come across and hire.

The good news is that Study Bay allows you to hire a specific writer for your project, so if you had a paper delivered by one writer and want to hire him again, all you need is his name or ID in the system. This is probably the only genuine way to get a steady quality of papers from StudyBay, but it also means that you can also have a negative experience while searching for your ideal author.

Customer Support

An important point in our StudyBay review is an investigation of the site’s customer support. You first get a chance to get in touch with the support team as soon as you visit Study Bay for the first time — the invitation for a chat will pop up right away. You can close it for the moment, but you should know that if you spend some time on StudyBay, you will constantly receive those pop-ups offering you to ask a question to customer support. This can be a nice idea when you genuinely need help, but it can also get very annoying very fast.

To StudyBay’s credit, no one can say that it doesn’t have a widely accessible customer support system. There are plenty of ways to contact the support besides the chat on the site. You can do it via email or call a toll-free US number. If you want to find an answer to your question regarding the site’s services and operations, you can check the FAQ section of StudyBay. The company is also rather active on social media, although it doesn’t have a lot of followers on Instagram or Facebook.

Prices And Payment Methods

After reading our StudyBay review so far, you already know that this service works on a bidding system. The bidding system is by no means new for academic writing services and we have worked with it numerous times with other companies. Normally, the bidding system means that you don’t get to know the exact price of your order until you accept a bid from one of the experts.

However, Study Bay took things further. The price offered by the writer is not the final price of the paper, as StudyBay also has a service charge for every order. Depending on the price of your paper, you can end up paying from 28 to 40% over your order price, which, to us, is completely unfair and deceitful to the customers.

On top of that, there is no pricing guide anywhere on the site, so the writers are basically free to set their own prices. It’s fine when you have an assignment on a common topic that will attract lots of writers, because you will always be able to find a cheaper option. However, if your order is complex and big, you may only get one or two bids that can cost you way more than a similar paper on a different writing service.

To pay for your order, you need to deposit the whole amount of money into your account first. There are several popular payment methods available on Study Bay, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

StudyBay: Revision And Refund

When looking for an answer to the question: “Is StudyBay legit?”, you definitely want to know about the company’s refund and revision policies. There are many things that can go wrong with your order, so you need to know your interests are protected in case you are not satisfied with your experience. In case of StudyBay, we cannot say we are very happy with the customer satisfaction policies offered by the company.

First, it’s worth noting that while the revision and refund policies are described in detail on the Study Bay website, you can spend ages looking for them. After studying the information published on StudyBay, we found that every customer has a warranty period of 20 days since he or she approves the final draft submitted by the writer. During this time, you can request an unlimited number of revisions for free, provided that they are not different from your original requirements. Ultimately, it’s up to the writer to fulfil your revision request or ignore it.

Study Bay gives you the same 20 days to request a refund. Note that there is a definitive list of cases where you can be entitled to a partial or full refund. For example, a full refund is granted when the paper is completely different from what you originally requested, when the paper was found to be plagiarized, and when the paper is very late. A partial refund is given when the writer refuses to make the necessary corrections or there are still some problems with your order even after multiple revisions. Clearly, those policies are written to benefit the company and the writers, not the customers.

Customers Reviews

While working on our Study Bay review, we took into account not only our personal experience, but also the experiences of other people. As the service has been around for more than 8 years, there is now no shortage of Study Bay reviews, both good and bad. You can find those reviews on Reddit and the most popular review platforms such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. There is also a review section on StudyBay’s own website, but it’s best to take those reviews with a grain of salt — since they can be easily edited by the company, or Study Bay chooses not to publish the negative reviews, you will never get a complete picture.

The average StudyBay rating on review sites is 4 out of 5 stars. In our quest to form the most impartial opinion, we found the StudyBay Sitejabber to be the most informative ones. The most common complaints about StudyBay is fake writer identities, unsatisfactory quality of writing, and inflated prices with hidden charges. Some StudyBay Trustpilot and Sitejabber testimonials also mention partially or fully plagiarized papers, failure to meet the deadline, and lack of customer satisfaction.

StudyBay Customer Review 1

StudyBay Customer Review 2

StudyBay Customer Review 3

Pros And Cons


  • Wide variety of services
  • Ability to choose your own writer
  • Decent safety and customer support


  • The site tries to be something it’s not
  • Quality of writing can be unstable
  • Additional service fee
  • Questionable identity of the writers
  • Unclear revision and refund policies


If your main question for our review was “Is StudyBay real?”, then we can tell you that it’s definitely a real essay writing service. However, if you want to know whether you can trust it with your academic assignments, we cannot be as reassuring. The quality of writing at StudyBay tends to be hit or miss, and it doesn’t match the prices charged by the service at all.


What is StudyBay?

StudyBay is an academic writing service that claims to have experts in various fields who help customers get better grades. It has been in business for less than a decade but has achieved mild popularity with the students.

Is StudyBay legit?

StudyBay does seem to deliver the papers to its customers, so in a way, it can be called a legit writing service. However, we have seen a lot of complaints about the quality of papers delivered by StudyBay, so we cannot call it fully legit.

How much does StudyBay cost?

There are no fixed prices on StudyBay because the service employs a bidding system for customer orders. However, you need to add a service fee to every price offered by the writer, so your total can be even higher than you expect.

Is StudyBay safe?

There is no evidence that StudyBay is unsafe. The service seems to handle the data of its customers responsibly and there haven’t been any major security breaches reported at StudyBay. The site also has a customer support system to help its clients.

Is StudyBay plagiarism-free?

The answer to this question can very much differ from one case to another. In our experience, the paper we got did not appear to be plagiarized from other sources. However, we have seen several StudyBay Reddit posts claiming that some of the works done by Study Bay are partially plagiarized from other sources.

Are there StudyBay discounts?

There are no regular StudyBay discounts either for new or existing customers. However, the company does occasionally give out promo codes that can help you lower the price of your order, but those promo codes are hard to come by.

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