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Being a student can be quite challenging. Along with the daily classes, you may also have dozens of academic assignments with a limited deadline. Fortunately, students can easily get professional help without leaving their homes nowadays.


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We can’t recommend Slader, there are platforms with much better performance.

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There is a wide variety of tutors and writing services that work 24/7 online and can take care of home tasks of any complexity and academic level. For high school and college students, they come in handy as long as they help them get their homework done fast. And Slader is one of the most used platforms.

Unlike regular custom writing services, it offers textbook solutions and explanations students need for their academic assignments on Upper-Level Math, Foreign Languages, and other subjects. Yet, the reputation of the Slader remains abstruse, so we are about to reveal the insights about pricing, quality, and safety of the service in one of the most complete Slader reviews.

Eye-catching interface

The first thing that jumps out at you when you enter is its modern and defiant interface. In addition to the minimalistic design, the page is full of curious and striking arts. No doubt, the website is eye-catching and stands out from the rest of the sites which offer academic help.

Slader Review

You will not find any long read stories or irrelevant content on Slader website, so it is quite easy to use. The webpage has its style, and it looks really distracting. Social network references and online chat is shown as symbols that do not overload the site with needless text.

Slader Review

The webpage is also easy to navigate through. As a user, you will not be in trouble with finding the needed information there. Well-optimized headings, menus, and buttons make it reasonably user-friendly.

Slader site is also adapted to many operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and iOs, and uploads quite fast. Although the service has a mobile app, its rating is relatively low in comparison to other services for students. Most users claim it to have constant errors and bugs, so there is a room for improvement.

How does Slader work?

The Slader service was mostly designed for high school students. It does not have any human writers and tutors that can work on your custom academic assignment. Thus, you will find the needed solutions manually on the Slader website.

The good news is that you don’t have to get registered to use the service. You can start looking for your book once the page is uploaded.

Slader Review

Textbook search is available in two ways: by the name or ISBN, which is usually located on the backside of a book. Although Slader has different high school and college books, its library is limited, and you could hardly find their university textbooks.

Slader Review

Once you find your textbook, you can go on a required page or chapter. Next to the name of a book, you will also find the reference to Amazon where you can buy it. With the premium membership, there is also a cheat sheet available that you can generate right into Slader.

Slader Review

Referring to the quality of the service, the main question remains unchanged: ‘who tracks the correctness of textbooks solutions?’. Being a student, you would definitely seek academic explanations that will keep your grades advanced. But the point is that all of the homework solutions are added to Slader by students and are not checked by any teachers or experts in the field of study. So there are no warranties that all of the answers there are correct.

Textbook solutions remain useful as long as they are full of detailed explanations. But in the case of Slader, some of the comments could miss vital calculations and steps, and therefore have a lack of clarity.

Slader Review

So, an overall quality level of the service leaves much to be desired. If you are looking for reliable homework solutions, you would have to look further than Slader.

Types of services available on Slader

Types of services offered by Slader tend to be very different from those on regular essay writing platforms. You will not find any custom writing, proofreading, or plagiarism checker options. Slader has started as an independent website that contains homework solutions for middle school students. But the range of services is more extensive now. So let’s take a closer look at what Slader offers to high school and college students.

Homework solutions

According to our review, the number-one service on Slader is homework solutions on a wide range of subjects, including Science, Literature, Upper-Level Math and others.


Within each category, you will find several subjects to choose from. Once you select the required discipline, you can seek your textbook and homework solutions there. The good thing is that all of your books will be saved on the main screen so that you can reach one of them faster next time.


Except for saved homework solutions, you can also ask specific homework questions on Slader. Yet, you will get answers from students, but not from teachers or experts in the field. Besides, a response may not meet your deadline as you can wait for it forever.


Whatever homework solutions you need, it will be absolutely free of charges on Slader. Yet, keep in mind that nobody tracks the correctness of answers, so some of them could possibly be wrong.

Swag clothes

As weird and exciting as it may sound, Slader has an online store with customized clothing and accessories. It mostly consists of sweatshirts and T-shirts, but you can also buy sticker sheets, pins, and even a bottle of water there.

Slader Reviews

Prices range from $0.75 for a Slader prophylactic to $9,900.00 for a stiletto.

No-ads membership

Although Slader homework solutions are free, there are lots of pop-ups and ads on the website, which might be annoying. There is a way to turn them off, which is called a Slader premium. The advanced membership also includes a cheat sheet that you can use. There are two options you can choose from: monthly or semester plan.

Slader Reviews

iOS and Android apps

Except for the website, Slader designers and developers have also implemented iOS and Android apps. Both of them are available for free on Play Market and App Store. Yet, the apps have limited functionality. You can browse textbooks, but would not be able to buy clothes there. Besides, the rating on the Play Market is relatively low, which is 2.5 out of 5.

Slader payment methods

Before making any payments on Slader, you would have to get registered first. The signing up process is quite fast and includes the following steps:

  1. Go on and click on a ‘Signup’ button on the top left corner on the page.
  2. Fill in your email or get connected with Facebook.

Slader Review

3. Create a password and click on ‘Submit’.

From now, you are registered on Slader and can proceed with your payments.

If you wish to upgrade your Slader membership, you can use your credit card only. There is no PayPal or other alternative payment options available. Yet, Slader accepts different cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Keep in mind that if you are about to purchase a semester plan, you will be charged upfront for six months.

Slader Reviews

Another checkout page will appear if you want to order something at the Slader shop. In addition to the credit card, you can also use the PayPal option there. Yet, any of your order will also include the shipping cost in the total price, which depends on your exact location.

Slader Review

Is it worth spending money on Slader?

Unlike regular writing services in the academic industry, Slader stands out from the crowd and offers absolutely different options for students. But the main question of most users sounds like this: ‘is it worth spending money there?’.

Although homework solutions on Slader are free, most customers pay for a premium membership to get rid of haunting ads. Slader plans are quite cheap, but they do not have many additional options included.

Slader Review

Referring to the Slader shop, the prices start at $0.75 there. Here is the list of goods you can order:

  • Hoodie for $26.99
  • T-shirts with different prints, one for $16.00
  • Sweatshirts, one for $24.99
  • Slader logo mug for $11.95
  • Backpack for $45.00
  • Beanie for $17.00
  • Dad-hat for $20.00
  • Pin for $2.99
  • Stiletto for $9,900.00
  • Sticker sheet for $3.00

Despite the wide variety of goods in the shop, Slader specializes in homework solutions. Yet, it seems like they do not pay attention to the quality of the service. Thus, students claim it to be deficient in covering any academic assignments. Besides, you will not find any expert’s help on-demand there, like essay writing or editing. Therefore, we have no reason to call Slader a universal academic helper for students of any level.

Slader warranties

As long as Slader does not provide students with any human help, it has no money-back or on-time delivery guarantee. You can deactivate your account on the website or mobile app, but it does not mean the cancelation of your monthly payments. If you do not want to keep paying for the premium membership, you would have to contact [email protected], which may take some time to resolve the issue.


Along with the widespread scams and fraudulent activities, students have lots of security concerns when it comes to using online writing services. Slader works under the strict Privacy policy and is not allowed to share any of your personal information to third parties, which makes the use of Slader website reliable and secure. While placing your order on Slader, your credit card details will be encrypted, so the payment process is safe. The service uses secure socket layer technology (“SSL”) to protect any sensitive information you may enter on the website. However, according to the Privacy policy of Slader, it cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

Technical support

When having any questionable issues, Slader users expect to get fast and clear directions to get their problems fixed. Yet, there is only one communication line with customer support on Slader – email. We have tested it for efficiency level and sent a few requests through the contact box on

The answer was received in two days, which does not make it relevant at all. Besides, the service does not have any toll-free number to streamline the process. So technical support on Slader is more useless rather than valuable.

Slader pros and cons

Before making the final verdict, it is worth underlining Slader’s benefits and shortcomings:


  1. Eye-catching website interface
  2. Free homework solutions
  3. Mobile app 
  4. Secure payment process


  1. Poor technical support
  2. No one tracks the correctness of homework solutions
  3. A limited number of services
  4. No human academic assistance
  5. Mobile app bugs

Wrapping up

Although Slader stands out from the crowd thanks to its modern interface and the extraordinary number of services, we can hardly call it a universal academic service. You will not find there any human help on demand as well as writing services. It was initially designed for middle and high school students and remains unchanged so far. So if you are a college or university student, we would not recommend you waste much time on Slander.

Best Alternative:



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What is Slader?

Slader is an online service that offers homework solutions.

Is Slader legit?

Yes, Slader works under the strict Privacy policy and is considered a legit service.

How much does Slader cost?

Homework solutions are free on Slader. You can upgrade your membership to the premium plan to turn off ads and get access to cheat sheets. The monthly plan costs $3.99, and the semester one – $11.94 ($1.99/month).

Slader also has an online shop where you can buy clothes and accessories. Prices start at $0.75 and go up to $9,900.00 there.

Is Slader scam?

No, Slader is an online service that provides students with homework solutions.

Is Slader safe?

Yet, it uses SSL technology to protect customers’ personal information. However, difficulties could arise due to the statement that the service does not guarantee 100% security.

Are there Slader discounts?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts on Slader.

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