Paper Rater Review 2023: What You Should Really Be Aware of?
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Paper Rater

These days, students from every corner of the planet are struggling to manage the essay workload. Moreover, the number of e-learners tends to increase. All this leads to the sharpening of basic requirements and even more significant challenges that students face regularly.


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Life can be a much more pleasant thing thanks to various writing services that are always there for students. Such services usually provide high-quality assistance for learners who just cannot manage all the workload on their own. Paperrater is one of the relevant services that help with checking essays in short terms. However, one should take the process of selecting a writing service seriously, so let’s discover whether is worthwhile.

A few words about Paperrater Interface

After having opened the main webpage, one can quickly make up a small conclusion about the service in general. No matter how outstanding and brilliant the actual service is, people still tend to judge a book by its cover. In other words, you cannot see the content at first. Instead, it is the wrapping that grabs the attention in the first instance. In the case of Paperrater, the service does not seem to use this trick for its own better. In essence, the competition in the writing niche is sharp, so similar companies make every effort to ensure a user-friendly looking landing page.

Paper Rater Review

As for the design, Paperrater does not demonstrate anything special at this point. The starting webpage contains nothing but necessary information that one will need to acknowledge with basic services. The website reveals the essential information about the price you will need to pay for using services and outlines a brief overview of the features.

Who are the Writers and How do They Check the Paper Quality?

First things first, you as a customer have an interest in discovering who will be in charge of checking your paper. Or, when writing one from scratch, you will definitely want to get to know the writer or, at best, have a chance to choose one. So, probably the primary point to start off with is the absence of human writers whatsoever. The thing is, this writing service relies strictly on the software.

Unlike many trustworthy and yet effective essay writing services, Paperrater does not host any real writers. Even though it offers, so to say, proficient essay checking assistance, plagiarism checker, and even a feedback tool, it still lacks the physical presence of real human writers.

As the evidence demonstrates, there is yet no single tool that carries out 100% correct and accurate checks. A machine will always be a machine, and there is nothing weird about it missing out on a fundamental error. And, what is more, it is still a mystery how the software itself can provide you with sufficient, personalized feedback. That is why machine checking is always followed by checking by professional writers. This all means that relying on the software and being reassured that this is both effective and time-saving is not practicable.

Types of Services that Paperrater Has in its Arsenal

Unlike most writing services, Paperrater is not a place where you can ask somebody to write your paper from scratch. Indeed, one should not choose Paperrater in case of a need for writing a paper in a couple of days. Nor is this the place to get your super urgent paper done in two hours. Paperrater admittedly resembles typical grammar and plagiarism checking tools and has a couple of more instruments as a bonus. Below is an overview of some regular services that you can find at Paperrater’s disposal.

Plagiarism detector

Using a plagiarism detector may substantially facilitate your life and let you make sure that your professor will not rate your paper with a low score. Additionally, using a plagiarism detection tool may often save you from getting excluded from the course.

The way plagiarism checker by Paperrater works is straightforward: you just copy and paste your text into the field, and computer algorithms do the work for you. In particular, the software compares your essay to 10 billion other documents. And the database does not save texts that you have checked, so it will not be accidentally mistaken for self-plagiarism.

Paper Rater Review

Paper Rater Review

Grammar and Spelling Checker

Using grammar checking tools is what almost all writers and students do. Even though the text may appear as excellent and flawless, there is no guarantee that it does not contain mistakes.

Paperrater uses statistical models and machine learning to identify various types of mistakes, from grammatical to contextual.

Paper Rater Review

Feedback and writing instructions

Even though this software is 100% automated, it still includes a feedback feature. In particular, Paperrater compares the text you submitted to other students’ similar essays. What the software compares, in particular, are the following:

  • passive voice
  • readability
  • sentence length
  • vocabulary
  • sentence variability

Paper Rater Review

Automated Scoring

This feature implies providing you with the most probable score you will get for the text. However, it is not really clear how exactly the scores are assigned.

Vocabulary builder

Vocabulary builder is a feature, which is useful not only for language learners but also for professional writers who want to enhance vocabulary. It provides conditions for mastering new topics and learning new words by associations.

Payment Methods which Paperrater accepts

Paperrater, just like any other grammar checking tool, includes both a free plan and a fee-based premium one. For those opting for a premium, there is a range of payment methods. Below are the methods and cards that Paperrater accepts:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover Network
  • Union Pay

Roughly speaking, this service accepts almost all credit as well as debit cards.

Nonetheless, it is yet unclear why Paperrates does not include PayPal into the spectrum of payment methods that it accepts. In essence, PayPal is one of the top payment methods that most customers use while making their purchases online. Besides, many relevant services include Apple Pay as a payment method, because the latter makes it quite easy to pay in a matter of a second.

What is the price for subscribing to a premium plan?

As you may have already discovered, services such as Paperrater always offer a free, straightforward checker, and a more advanced version. And it is not surprising that the latter is a paid feature. To find out more about the payment plan and choose one, you will first need to create an account. Thankfully, you can do this straight away, since nothing but your email is required at this point. After you are done with this step, you can proceed to selecting a plan.

Paper Rater Review

Unlike many other services, Paperrater does not actually have a flexible pricing system. Instead, it offers two basic plans: monthly and annual. The monthly plan will cost you $11.21 per month, and this amount will be deposited from your account each month. A yearly plan is way cheaper since it costs only $5.96 per month, provided that you pay $71.55 at once for the entire year.

Additionally, this tool also offers you a lifetime subscription. If you choose this one, you can save up to 25%. Hopefully, you can cancel it anytime.

A few words about Delivery time and Deadlines

Deadlines and strict time frames mean a lot when it comes to working with essays, and so does the delivery. Since there are no human writers involved, the system allows one to obtain results immediately. According to what the company promises, the delivery time does not even take a minute, it takes less. On the one hand, one may take this for an advantage. However, quality often requires time. So, completing an automated check within a few seconds may not be the best quality indicator. Nonetheless, you will not need to wait long to get your paper done.

Do Paper Rater services include Revisions and Refunds?

As long as Paperrater limits itself to checking your essay’s grammar and detecting plagiarism, they do not have a revision policy. The point is, they do not make revisions because they do not offer assistance in writing a paper. Yet, more advanced companies have revisions policy as well as refunds, because they are in charge of what the professional writers have written.

It appears as Paperrater does not hold responsibility for the software’s results. And, this makes sense since this feature is available for free. However, a premium version can also fault sometimes, and it is yet not clear how Paperrater handles such cases.

Customer Support

While using writing services, you will most probably contact the support department as an intermediary between the writer and a customer. If you set your sights at the Paperrater service, you can also contact their support team. However, you will need to write to them only in a limited number of cases. You may refer to them with a general inquiry or ask them about the issue not mentioned in the FAQ section. However, it is unlikely that you will need to contact support specialists while using this service. As it was mentioned already, only machines are involved in the process of essay checking.

Drawing a bottom line: what are the pros and cons?

Having fully got acquainted with Paperrater, we may list its several advantages and disadvantages:


  • The software offers immediate help as it completes checking within 10 seconds
  • Useful for small texts
  • Offers a free feature


  • No human writers involved
  • Only a limited number of features
  • Does not provide substantial assistance in essay writing
  • No option of ordering a paper written from scratch
  • No flexible payment plans
  • Rather old-fashioned interface

The Final Word

Overall, Paperrater is not bad for checking brief texts for accidental errors. As long as the software may fail sometimes, it is fundamental for the user to double-check the final version of the text. If you have profound knowledge of English and possess sound writing skills, you may use this tool as a means of double-checking. Otherwise, you will need to turn to advanced services that have detailed refund policies and revision options. So, if your goal is to get a brilliant essay written from scratch, Paperrater will not have anything for you to offer. But still, it works well for double-checking purposes.

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What is Paperrater?

Paperrater is an online grammar and plagiarism checking tool. There are no professional writers available though, only computer algorithms. This software is available for everybody as long as it offers free checks. And there is no need to create an account when using a free tool.

Is Paperrater legit?

As long as Paperrater does nothing but assists users in proofreading their essays, there is nothing illegal associated with its activity.

How much does Paperrater cost?

You can opt for both free and a paid plan. Free version implies 50 submissions each month, and ten plagiarism checks per month. A paid version costs $11.21 per month if you choose monthly payments. If you select an annual plan, you will need to pay $71.55.

Is Paperrater scam

There is a lack of evidence to consider Paperrater as a scam. Apparently, it is a standard grammar and plagiarism checking tool.

Is Paperrater safe?

There are grounds to admit that Paperrater is safe. First and foremost, you do not need to register an account to make submissions. Additionally, you do not need to mention any payment information if you do not intend to pay. So, you will not lose your money once you decide to use this online tool.

Is Paperrater plagiarism-free?

According to Paperrater, it compares your text with 10 billion documents throughout the web. This means that there are high chances of detecting plagiarism.

Are there Paperrater discounts?

From time to time, Paperrater offers quite attractive discounts. Additionally, you can automatically get a 25% discount if you opt for a lifetime subscription.

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