MyPerfectWords Review 2021: Why Is It Not the Best Service For You?
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Writing services that help students out are usually not cheap, but a hefty price tag is not a guarantee of quality, which is a general rule applicable to many different things. However, it is particularly true – and extremely discouraging – of some writing services that have high prices, but deliver papers that are poorly written and are not relevant to the topic.


Price from $15
Discount 50%
Deadline 24 hours



We can’t recommend MyPerfectWords, there are platforms with much better performance.

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Price from $9
Discount 15%
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Price from $10
Discount 10%
Deadline 8 hours

For an expert reviewer, just going to and checking a few essentials would be enough to conclude that the service is not trustworthy. But as students may be lured by the cosmic discounts and the icons of nonexistent guarantees, let’s go into the details and see how masterful this service can get with words as compared to what it promises.

Design and Interface: Words Are All Over the Place

Maybe it seems fine to a student if a website looks like a Christmas sale banner, hurling a huge 50% discount at the visitor and constantly blinking that ‘limited time only!’ message, but we instantly felt that something was off. Still, we might as well discuss fake discounts later, but when looking for the sections with the most important information, we were baffled by this layout:

MyPerfectWords review

That’s forty quick links taking you to nearly identical web pages recycling the same bits of text, and each one of those 40 web pages is topped with the same photo of a girl in a dark library. Trying to read or find anything here feels like walking around in circles in a haunted forest. What’s even worse, all those texts are full of grammatical errors. When checking out a writing service website, poor design can be tolerated, but not loads of paraphrased and reiterated nonsense.

So, there are dozens of web pages with similar topics which are fragmented, scattered around and resurfacing multiple times throughout the texts. Moreover, there is no information about the company running the MyPerfectWords website (red flag!) or any data on how long it’s been in operation. There are no dedicated sections on revisions and the money back guarantee either (huge red flags!). A potential customer should have left the site at that point, but we continue to find further proof of unprofessionalism.

We stumbled upon something very unexpected when going through paragraphs and paragraphs on why buy essays and why you should delegate your academic work to expert writers who ‘provide brilliant and quality essays and papers’ or ‘make your assignment better and perfect’ (direct quotes). There are lots of such odd-sounding promises, and they get as ridiculous as mentioning a ‘well-written piece of paper at a cheap price’. Sadly enough, it is not a joke, just one of the things you can easily unearth from any pile of word rubbish MyPerfectWords website is strewn with. Piece of paper, anyone?

MyPerfectWords review

The Quality of the Service: Don’t Take Their Word for It

When we proceeded to MyPerfectWords reviews written by different customers, it was not shocking or surprising that there are lots of negative statements and ratings. Rather, the abundance of positive reviews that look very suspicious is alarming, as pointed out by the users:

MyPerfectWords review

There are lots of 5-star My Perfect Words reviews consisting of just one short phrase or a few words, such as ‘This website is a great website’, ‘Awesome Awesome’, ‘Is very good’, ‘Best of best’, ‘Great everything’, but many of those are written in very poor English while coming from the users who claim to be from the United States. Such reviews seem just as off-putting as the statements about highest quality found on My Perfect Words website that is actually full of gross errors.

My Perfect Words review

Then, we came across a bunch of 5-star MyPerfectWords reviews on Trustpilot that are lengthier but still absolutely vague. The weird thing those have in common is that the customers appear to be very thankful for the results, but they only mention the names of different customer support agents, extensively praising them. There isn’t a single word in such reviews about the writers who actually worked on the papers. While it is nice when a friendly customer support representative helps you, why would a satisfied customer thank one without giving any credit whatsoever to the writer completing the quality work?

My Perfect Words review

My Perfect Words review

As you can see from the screenshot with the live chat window in the bottom right corner, Harrison Morgan is a customer support representative, not a writer. Perhaps MyPerfectWords happens to be using the same fake names for different members of their team. Another possible explanation may be that some people who are paid to write reviews assume mentioning a name makes those reviews more credible.

Anyway, MyPerfectWords claims to hire over 250 writers, and this figure is even embedded into that photo of a girl in a dark library you see all the time wherever you go on this website. However, the ‘Writers’ section features only 7 profiles, and no customer reviews mention any of those writers providing quality papers. Some users assume that the profiles are fake while MyPerfectWords doesn’t hire any native speakers. Hence, the quality of writing that is unacceptable at college level. This is stated in all the negative reviews on independent websites that warn you not to trust any positive MyPerfectWords review you may come across.

MyPerfect Words review

Types of MyPerfectWords Services

Unfortunately, if you want to see a list of services offered by MyPerfectWords, you are back to the ‘haunted forest’ layout again:

MyPerfect Words review

It is certainly mind-boggling why a paper writing website doesn’t have a separate ‘Our Services’ tab or drop-down menu. MyPerfectWords even fails to include a concise list of the services anywhere, without all this stuff like ‘Do My Paper’, ‘Essay Writer’, and ‘Papers for Money’ mixed in. Although this is a mess, you can hopefully see a typical range of writing tasks and papers here that students usually struggle with (essays, reports, presentations, coursework, research papers, literature reviews).

Editing and proofreading services are available at MyPerfectWords too, but those are useless according to the customer reviews (which is not surprising as the service even fails to proofread its website content). You can also order a thesis paper or a dissertation here, but it doesn’t make sense to entrust such important work to a company with an extremely negative user feedback. MyPerfectWords has even managed to screw up the prefabricated positive reviews featured on the website, attributing three absolutely identical reviews to different students, while two of them are found on the same page:

MyPerfectWords review

MyPerfectWords Payment Options

To make an order on MyPerfectWords website, a customer has to provide the details of the assignment, and the final price will be displayed in the completed order form. Standard payment methods at MyPerfectWords include PayPal and credit/debit cards, but there is an option rarely found with other paper writing websites: splitting your payment in half.

Students may find it very convenient that they are given a choice of paying the other half only when the work is completed. However, the sugar-coated texts on MyPerfectWords website state one thing, while the reality is another, so it’s important to be attentive and figure out if that’s true by asking support members first.

MyPerfectWords promises that initially customers pay 50% of the total cost of the order, and the remainder only when they are satisfied with the quality of the paper delivered. However, only a few people have actually received a half of their paper to get an idea of the quality. They were sort of lucky to save half of their money as the quality was appalling, but this resulted in constant threats on behalf of the service of breaching the customer confidentiality.

MyPerfectWords review

In most cases, when making an initial 50% payment, students are repeatedly urged by the customer service agents to pay the rest before the paper is delivered, even if it is not completed by the deadline indicated in the order form. They are thus not able to see any part of the work before paying the full price.


MyPerfectWords Pricing and Discounts

The prices are shown in a chart with the 50% discount making them look more attractive, but only at first glance. They are still not reasonable, starting at $15 per page for a high school essay. And that’s the price for the longest deadline of 6 – 8 days, while the non-discounted price is $30 per page. This makes the full cost one of the most expensive offers in the industry.

Obviously, the prices have been simply inflated to create an impression of MyPerfectWords customers getting discounts as high as 50%. But students can’t be easily duped into thinking they have to grab a great deal as soon as they see some enormous discounts. Students are savvy shoppers who do a lot of internet search and instantly recognize such manipulative deals and misleading prices.


Deadlines and Delivery: Disappointment Beyond Words

Deadlines range from 12 hours to 8+ days, and MyPerfectWords website makes sure to shower the visitor with typical promises of meeting the deadlines ‘all the time and every time’. But there are many negative customer reviews claiming the deadlines weren’t met, or the work was delivered on time but of such horrible quality that it couldn’t be turned in, and therefore it turned out to be completely useless.


There are also negative reviews that address the issues of multiple revisions resulting in no improvements, and even the cases of no edits made when students ordered the editing services and submitted documents for proofreading. However, the most disturbing thing is this recurrent complaint of being threatened by the company whenever upset customers start demanding refunds.

MyPerfectWords review

Guarantees, Revisions and Refunds: Just Some Empty Words

While it is not uncommon for other writing services to boast of much more than they can actually deliver, offering fake guarantees is a serious offense. If we tried to keep track of how often the unlimited revisions and the 100% money-back guarantee are mentioned on, we’d probably lose count. However, the Terms and Conditions state that only minor amendments can be offered, and revisions usually take 12-24 hours.


There are numerous complaints on those revisions being useless either because of those 24 hours making it too late to turn the assignments in, or because of the poor quality papers being returned absolutely unchanged after revisions. In some cases, the papers were changed slightly, but looked even worse than before. The most baffling fact is that when you request a revision, the paper is sent to the exact same writer for corrections or proofreading. There are no qualified editors or a quality control department for this. No wonder a revision is pointless when it is the responsibility of the same writer who doesn’t understand the requirements or has no idea what mistakes have to be corrected.


As for the 100% money-back guarantee, it is nothing but an icon. However, if an icon is irrelevant, it is a completely meaningless element of web design. Regardless of what you may assume from the information advertised as MyPerfectWords commitment to quality, the Terms and Conditions state it in fine print that the services are non-refundable. In some cases, the money deposited by the customer may be returned to the Client’s account balance, but it is non-refundable as well. As for PayPal and credit cards refunds, these are only possible if the company is unable to find a writer within 24 hours to start working on an assignment.

My Perfect Words

Ironically, since the terms stating the absence of refunds are located at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions page, they rest just above the icons of the 30-day money-back guarantee and the 100% satisfaction guarantee. This obviously looks like a pathetic joke.

MyPerfectWords Customer Support: The Flip Side

MyPerfectWords customer support can be contacted 24 hours a day via email or live chat, but there’s also a website contact form and a phone number for texting. That’s plenty of options, and those customer support guys may seem friendly and helpful, but only before they convince you to place an order. If there are any issues with your paper, they only offer useless revisions, or say the order is completed and that’s it. The friendly guys become dismissive and brush you off, or even start accusing you of plagiarism.

My Perfect Words

Pros and Cons: Better Look for Something Different

Theoretically, we were supposed to find some advantages of using MyPerfectWords services, such as discounts, payment in two installments, or round-the-clock customer support. But with so many disadvantages and customer complaints, these will pale into insignificance anyway.

The disadvantages, though, make for a lengthy list:

  • low quality
  • high prices
  • no editors
  • no refunds
  • fake guarantees
  • fake positive reviews
  • questionable safety
  • confusing website content and navigation
  • some customers were blackmailed.

We can only feel sorry for the students who have encountered such a disappointing experience. Please stay away from the services that have websites full of grammatical errors, and read the Terms and Conditions before making an order.


Unfortunately, MyPerfectWords does not have skilled writers, and does not offer refunds simply because it can’t deliver good quality. It is not a safe and reliable academic writing service. Things like fake refund policy and threats of breaching the customer confidentiality are unacceptable.

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What is MyPerfectWords

MyPerfectWords offers custom writing and editing services, but can’t deliver the quality it promises, so students should steer clear of this company and keep looking for a reliable service instead.

Is MyPerfectWords legit

Technically, a writing service is not illegal. However, the act of getting an assignment or paper done to be submitted as your own work is considered academic dishonesty, and may be punished if your data is disclosed.

How much does MyPerfectWords cost

The prices without discounts start at $30 per page and go up to $80 per page for a shorter deadline. They are insanely high, and while the current discounts make them seem more acceptable, such prices are irrelevant for low-quality work.

Is MyPerfectWords scam

The fake guarantees and other misleading information on the website, lots of negative customer reviews, as well as the absence of refunds – that’s more than enough to place MyPerfectWords among the scam services that should be avoided.

Is MyPerfectWords safe

MyPerfectWords accepts PayPal payments, so you can rest assured those transactions are safe, but using the service isn’t safe. Despite its Privacy Policy, the behavior of the MyPerfectWords customer support agents suggests these rules may be broken if a customer disputes the charges or writes a negative My Perfect Words review.

Is MyPerfectWords plagiarism-free

MyPerfectWords claims to provide only unique content, but plagiarism (with its percentage as high as 90%) in the papers received by its customers has been reported by many negative reviews.

Are there MyPerfectWords discounts

MyPerfectWords offers fake discounts of 50% on all orders by way of inflating the prices. Clearly, this is a sign of being desperate to get new orders. However, unless the service starts improving on quality, it is not going to work out the way it should.

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