4 May 2020

Is it legal to use custom writing services

by ExpertPaperWriter

Is it legal to use custom writing services

Using a custom writing service to overcome the never ending assignments is very handy. But once you start doing this, there will be one question never leaving your mind in peace. Is it actually legal to use a custom writing service?

You may ask your parents and the definite answer will be no and never buy a custom essay. For them, just as for your teachers, it is an illegal process you should avoid by all the means. Your teachers dream about it being not only illegal, but strictly banned. Then you may go to your friends who actively use custom writing services. On the contrary, they start encouraging you go for it asap. It’s cool, helpful, time-effective. Why would you ever worry if it is a legit custom writing service or not?

The reality is that none of these is right. However, using a custom essay writing service is indeed legal. It all actually depends how you use it.

What are custom writing companies doing?

Most of the people will say they encourage students to cheat. Making it very easy and affordable to avoid studying and getting their grades effortlessly. In reality an essay writing company provides you supplements. This helps in research and preparation of your coursework. They are actually registered as tutoring services. This doesn’t sound illegal, does it? Once you receive your paper from a custom writing service you have pointers on how to proceed with your assignment.

Who would need this kind of help? Most of the students have a part time job to cover their expensive college costs. Others are even married and have children. Some might be helping their parents. It’s also possible that you are trying to complete several degrees at the same time. In all these situations when being overwhelmed by different responsibilities, you need a help of an essay writer. Showing you fast and clearly how to do your term paper so your teachers won’t ask you redo it, is priceless.

Custom writing services are legally allowed to perform the abovementioned activities. On the other hand, another reality comes. Once you receive a perfectly written essay from a professional writer, would you use it as a supplement? Or just directly hand over to your teachers as your own work? This leads us to the ethical point of the question.

Who owns the papers?

Have you ever read the terms and conditions of any legal custom writing service? Then you know that they always retain the ownership rights of the papers. This might make you worried we guess. Yet, any customer service of those companies will ensure that you are only owner of the essay. The reason behind is that ghostwriting is not legal. They may write for you but placing your name on a paper written by someone else is not allowed. Now let’s try to understand what’s going on here:

  • You heard of many celebrities write their autobiographies using ghostwriters and then signing the book as their own written.
  • Have you heard of any ghostwriter claiming that the autobiography of star A is written by him? We bet you haven’t.

The reality is that it is kind of a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ when both parties agree on supporting each other. I pay you, you write for me, I say I wrote it. And that’s it.

Are essay writers make us lazy?

Neither you, nor your teachers or parents can blame a custom writing service for anyone’s laziness. As tutoring companies, they help students to prepare for their coursework, term paper, exam etc.

You, as an individual, are the only one responsible for the amount of time you dedicate to studies. In some cases, students even managed to obtain significant knowledge and develop many important skills. Meanwhile an essay writer was completing their assignments.

In fact, ghostwriters can’t substitute the hard work you have to put in your degree. To succeed academically you still need to study a lot. Even if you use those essays not as supplements, but as ready to submit assignments.

The biggest problem here is how people perceive these companies. Assuming they make students lazy, teach them cheating and easy life is not right. Your attitude towards studies is something very personal, which no one can influence.

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So, to sum up this difficult question. Custom writing companies don’t stand in for students. You are the one placing your name on papers written by them. They just provide you helpful materials to achieve success with your assignments. It is extremely handy for people who have many other responsibilities besides college. The truth is that they operate legally, follow the copywrite and intellectual property laws. The best thing to advice, in case you still have doubts is use their essays as supplements. Then you are really 100% legit. In case you decide to submit an essay written by a third party as your own, at least take the time to implement some changes in it.