29 June 2018

How to stick to the deadlines by delegating time-consuming tasks

by ExpertPaperWriter

How to stick to the deadlines by delegating time-consuming tasks

Deadlines and responsibilities are the right signs to say you stepped into the real adult life. Basically, there is no way you could say: ‘Sorry’, ‘I didn’t have time’, ‘I was busy with something else’ etc. Especially it’s difficult to get used to it in college. No one warned you things will go this hectic. The teachers are not only giving enormous quantity of tasks, but they all want them to be completed yesterday.

The online way one can cope with deadlines and earn a reputation of someone who respects target dates is task delegation. You should outsource things you are not good at or not having time for. In case you don’t take the courage and learn delegate tasks you will end up in stress and burnout. Despite your brilliant effective-planning skills you can’t make the day longer than 24 hours.

Why are we afraid of task delegation?

It’s always a choice in front of you. Either you learn trusting someone and accept their results, or you stop living and do it all by yourself. Well, both options are quite dramatic let’s say. In the second case, whether you can’t delegate tasks you exclude the following things from your life:

  • Friendship
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Time for yourself
  • Development of new skills
  • Travelling

And many more. If it’s clearly bad, then what stops people around the world from starting task delegation today:

  • It’s hard to let it go and trust part of your responsibilities someone else.
  • That person might make a mistake which you wouldn’t.
  • Maybe it won’t be as perfect as in case you did the job.
  • You will spend a lot of efforts on explaining how to complete the task.

Students who learnt task delegation are more successful than the ones who did it all on their own

A perfect example of task delegation is the essay writing world. You may say buying papers online is for lazy students. In fact, our experience shows that the students who learnt to delegate tasks at college by ordering papers are more successful in life. Let’s see below why:

  • In adult life no one will ask whether you did the task on your own or outsourced it to someone else. Your boss will be interested only in the result.
  • You obtain basic management skills by learning how to explain others how you want this essay to be completed. Perhaps, learning to express your vision is even more precious skill than knowing how to write a college essay.
  • Understanding that the world will not stop existing if not you, but someone else will do the job. Yes, it will be done in a different way, but who said it’s right only in your way?

Benefits of delegating tasks to others

Once mastered task delegation, you free up time for things which you do the best. Immediately you become more efficient in what you do. There is basically nothing that disturbs your mind, as it was with too consuming tasks. All of a sudden, you just do what you are the best at. There is no need to learn extra things just to complete a single assignment. At the same time, you allow the ones who already have these skills to show them and earn money.

In fact, even if the people who you assigned to complete your job will do it differently, they might be more experts in it than you. Or just because they are not overwhelmed by other responsibilities, the result will be much better, than you could ever imagine.

How to delegate tasks in a right way?

First of all, don’t call the time you spend on explaining the task as wasted. A bit of time spent on explaining what you want as a final result and you can go and be busy with more important things.

Secondly, don’t feel guilty for not completing your job all alone. Whether it’s a business plan, or a college essay, who told you have to do it all yourself? It’s very normal to ask for help when there is too much to handle.

But, perhaps, the most important thing is to be precise when describing the person you hired what are your expectations. If you explain what the final outcome should be you will highlight the importance of the job, and ensure you set the rules. When you don’t include the requirements in your original request even custom writing services don’t accept your complaints. Don’t you know that?

Before all these, understand your strength. If you are a highly technical person, don’t set high expectations for being a good proofreader and editor for your papers as well. Do what you are best at, and let the other things be done by professionals. And regardless how much of your responsibilities you outsource, don’t forget to control your ‘helpers’. Progress reports guarantee that you will not face a disappointment at the end and have enough time to correct errors as soon as they occur.

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