Homework Market Review 2021: Legit and Reliable or Scam?
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Homework Market

We liked the Homeworkmarket’s variety of services and bidding system. However, the website lacks essential information and the quality of the work is not their strong suit.


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Discount -
Deadline 24 hours



Homework Market is not the best option for ordering writing services — even though the prices are not too high, the quality of writing could be improved.

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While most student help companies on the internet focus on writing services, including essays and dissertations, homeworkmarket.com decided to go one step further and become the ultimate academic help solution for every student. But are they successful in their quest to give you the best academic expertise?

Your experience with Homework Market starts with the website, and we have to say that it’s one of the worst-designed academic writing websites we’ve ever seen.

Homework Market Review

First of all, it’s very busy with unnecessary information. In the middle of the homepage, there is a block with live updates from the website activity, and there is no sound reason why we as customers need to see it.

Second, even though the website is filled with various information, there is actually very little information that is really important. There is no information on the company’s history, mission, and staff. Can you actually trust a company that doesn’t disclose any information about itself? In our opinion, it’s not the best foundation for a trusting relationship between the company and the potential customer.

Another thing we didn’t like about the HomeworkMarket website is the fact that customer support is very limited. There is no live chat feature or phone number. The only way to contact the support is through the mail system on the website. And even then, you have to be a registered member to access the customer support. If you are simply a visitor considering placing an order, there is no way you can consult the support without signing up.


For its academic writing services, Homework Market uses the bidding system for placing orders. It means that when you have a paper you need them to complete, you fill out the order details and release them to the writing staff. Then the writers who are interested in the assignment start bidding on the order.

As a result, there is no pricing information on the website. The writers are free to choose any price for the order, and it’s up to you to decide which prices seem acceptable. It’s worth noting that in most cases, the prices offered by Homework Market writers are not too low. In fact, they either match the industry standards or even higher than average. You would expect that higher-than-average prices mean higher-than-average service, but the reality is very different.

HomeworkMarket does not advertise any discounts or promotions. If you are determined to get your order done for a minimal amount of money, you can choose the lowest bid when placing the order. However, it is very likely that you will find the quality of the writing rather disappointing.


Homework Market isn’t the most popular academic writing service, but there are plenty of reviews on the internet to help you form an opinion about the quality of their work. While there are occasional reviews that praise the quality of writing at the HomeworkMarket, the majority of reviews are less than positive.

Homework Market Review

There are two most common complaints about the quality of service offered by Homework Market. The first one is the general level of writing. In some cases, the writing is so bad that customers even suspect that HomeworkMarket employs writers whose native language is not English. And since the company doesn’t state anywhere on the website that they only hire native English speakers, these assumptions may actually turn out to be true.

Another common complaint is the frequently missed deadlines on the papers. There can be many reasons for that: either the paper is too complex, or the deadline is too close, or the writer lacks essential academic writing skills. However, all of these reasons are not an excuse for this type of behavior.

To be fair, if Homework Market doesn’t deliver your paper on time, they will likely refund you the amount you paid in the first place. Still, the refund won’t make you feel better about your failed grade.


Since the HomeworkMarket website lacks essential information, we couldn’t find any information about their guarantees. Unlike other writing services that promise timely delivery, top quality of papers, outstanding customer service and money back guarantee to their customers, Homework Market prefers to stay silent on what they promise to their clients. You can try your luck and ask the question about the guarantees to the customer support, provided that can reach it at all.

Homework Market Review

Payment options

Homework Market accepts payment through PayPal and Payoneer in addition to popular payment options like Visa and Mastercard. Note that once you place the order and choose the best bid from the writers, your payment will be immediately released into the system and not stored in your account as a deposit until you accept the finished order.

Pros and cons

There are very little pros of the HomeworkMarket service. In fact, we found just these two:

  • The variety of services isn’t limited by essays and other written assignments: you can also request editing services or ask a homework question to a tutor.
  • The bidding system allows you to choose the price that fits your budget.

The most important cons of Homework Market include:

  • The quality of writing is below average while the prices are often higher than average.
  • It is difficult to access customer support if you are not an existing customer yet.
  • Homework Market does not guarantee the absence of plagiarism in their papers.
  • The service is known to occasionally miss the deadlines or not deliver papers at all.
  • There is very limited information about the company, its services, and prices on the website.


Unless HomeworkMarket is your last option, we would not recommend choosing it for your academic writing needs. There are lots of services with better prices and higher quality of work that you can view as alternatives to Homework Market.


What is HomeworkMarket.com?

HomeworkMarket.com is a homework helper service. It tries to look different from other academic writing services, but at its core, it’s an essay writing company that can also help you with other types of homework.

Is HomeworkMarket.com a good service?

In our opinion, HomeworkMarket.com is very much in the lower range of quality when it comes to academic writing services. It’s not appallingly bad, but everything from the design of the site to the quality of writing does not allow us to call it good.

Is HomeworkMarket.com trustworthy?

There are many things about HomeworkMarket.com that don’t look trustworthy at all. The most questionable thing about it is that you can see other people’s questions and the writers’ bids, which is the information that should normally be private.

How much does HomeworkMarket.com cost?

HomeworkMarket runs on a free market basis, meaning you place an order, wait for the writers to bid on it, and then choose the most suitable bid. That is why there are no pricing guides or calculators, and the price of the order is often a surprise to you until the very end.

Is HomeworkMarket.com reliable?

We wouldn’t call HomeworkMarket.com a very reliable writing service for one reason. The writers of the service seem to work independently and their work is not influenced much by the company. That is why the success of your order depends on who you work with.

Is HomeworkMarket.com a scam?

No, HomeworkMarket.com does not appear to be a scam and it has been around long enough to convince us that it’s a genuine writing service. However, we were not impressed by its quality of writing or overall service.

Is HomeworkMarket.com safe?

The fact that your questions are displayed on the homepage of HomeworkMarket.com is problematic, but the service does not appear to have any other security issues. All payments are handled securely and the site does not ask for too much of your personal data.

Is HomeworkMarket.com plagiarism-free?

The HomeworkMarket.com website does not mention the originality of its work anywhere, but we have found more than one review claiming that the paper done by HomeworkMarket was partially or fully copied from other sources.

Are there HomeworkMarket.com discounts?

No, HomeworkMarket does not provide any discounts for new or existing customers and encourages everyone to negotiate their prices with the writer or tutor. However, this suggestion is impractical and can take more of your time than you expect.

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