30 September 2019

Freelance Writers VS Professional Paper Writing Service

by ExpertPaperWriter

Freelance Writers VS Professional Paper Writing Service

You are trying to get done with school, facing assignments which have very little practical use in your future career. Most probably, you will never have to write anything similar in your entire life. So why would you struggle so much if the precious time could be used smarter? There are politicians, VPs, heads of corporations who use other professionals to write their speech. Did they ever say that it’s written by someone else? Not at all. So, you shouldn’t worry about this part either. What is serious here is deciding on with whom to partner in this battle. Should it be a professional paper writing service, an individual freelancer or just a friend who is keen on writing?

Below we will discuss all the pros and cons of using any of these parties for your academic writing needs. Pay attention and see what suits you the best.

Hiring a freelance writer

When thinking of a paper writing pro you imagine a freelancer who works from a coffee shop. He skillfully completes your most complex essays. It might be a good idea to hire a freelancer. You know his or her name, you think it makes the process less stressful. There is one single person holding responsibility for your assignment. So, what could go wrong? Obviously, there are many pros and cons of working with a freelance writer.


  • It is a great idea to partner with a freelancer in case you know the person for a while and have trust in each other. You will be dealing with the writer direct, so ensure you get along well.
  • A freelancer will cost you less. He or she doesn’t have to spend money on running a whole company, separate the income between other team members. It’s a one person business, and that’s it.


  • In case you don’t know each other personally, you might get into trouble. Lack of responsibility of such a one person company might lead to missed deadlines or papers full of mistakes. After all, the individual can be too emotional. Maybe you pissed him off, and now as a revenge you won’t get your paper?
  • No one hired this freelancer. So, there is no one who did an examination before letting your freelancer providing professional writing service. The academic background, experience, portfolio are key parts of this examination. You aren’t a hiring manager to be able to check all this before giving a job to him.
  • Since it’s only one person working on your request there is no editor and proofreader who would polish your essay after it’s completed.
  • In case an emergency happens, the freelance writer will just say ‘sorry, it was an emergency’. As a result, you will miss your deadline and have troubles at school.
  • Freelancers have a lot of things to cope with besides your order. They are actually running their company on their own, deal with paperwork and marketing. They create and administrate their website, communicate with the clients and much more. Being this overwhelmed can affect the final quality of your essay.

Working with a professional paper writing service

Now imagine there is a hundred, or maybe even a thousand of people being responsible for your essay. How beneficial is that?


  • An agency who has years of experience in the industry has a very well-structured workflow when it comes to any essay order. They know the best sources for research, the formatting, what writing style to use etc.

Besides that, a writer is accompanied by an editor and a proofreader to polish your task.

  • They are responsible for assigning the most suitable author to your paper. And they can afford selecting! Having a few hundreds of writers in their team it’s more likely for them to find a perfect one, rather than you searching among freelancers.
  • To work for a paper writing agency, candidates go through various testing. They not only check their English, academic background and experience. It goes as far as monitoring the way writers communicate with customers.
  • You have a mediator between you and the writer. This brings a lot of peace of mind in case something goes wrong. An emergency happened, and you can’t reach out to the writer? You contact their customer service and issue is solved, you have a new one assigned immediately.


  • The only bad thing about working with a paper writing service is that there are many scam companies around. But this can be handled if you take the issue seriously and do some research before finding a decent service.

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To sum up, it seems like hiring a paper writing service makes much more sense, both for you, and for writers. You have the security, terms and conditions of a legal company which is responsible for a high-quality completion of your order. Writers working for such services have more time to spend on their prior responsibilities – creating content. Both you and the writer avoid all hustles by having such an intermediator in between.