30 July 2018

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud When Choosing a Paper Writing Service

by ExpertPaperWriter

How to Protect Yourself When Choosing a Paper Writing Service

It seems so easy to get your essay done via an academic writing platform. You place an order, pay an affordable price. And soon a notification about your essay been done appears in your mailbox. All this seems like a wonderland where everyone is fair and wants to help each other. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. Chances are higher that you spot a fraud paper writing service rather than a decent essay writers’ team. For this reason, you have to be well-prepared before transferring that amount to their account.

There is a high risk you will lose your money, won’t get your essay and fail at college. Or even in case you will receive your paper its’ quality is very questionable. And even more, maybe in a few months they will resell your essay to someone else. Do you really want to get into this trouble? We don’t think so. That’s why we have prepared a few tips on how to avoid a fake paper writing service.

Legal address

A fraudulent paper writing service usually doesn’t post their legal address on their website. In other cases, they may use a fake postal address with well known locations. If the service positions itself as a UK essay writing platform they will choose a fake London address. If they try to target US market, it will be for sure New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

A tip to decide whether they are fake or not. Search for the address in google maps. If it takes you somewhere in the middle of nowhere, most probably you just spotted a fake paper writing service.

A fake company will have many fake ‘departments’

Most of these fraudulent companies come from Eastern Europe and Asia. So they tend to feel like the abundance of departments will make them look serious. For example, you may spot the following, popular ‘department’ names:

  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Billing Department
  • Human Resources Department

A fraud paper writing service will always describe functions of these departments. And make it sound with high importance. Your revision request will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Department. Your payment confirmation and invoice will be sent by the Billing Department. Our writers go through tough recruitment process with the Human Resources Department. If you spotted one of these, be sure you are dealing with a fake company.

Clone websites

Searching for a company to get your essay done and checking out various platforms? Having a feeling of ‘deja vu’ at some of them? Fake companies own many essay writing platforms. They created a hundred of domains with different names but similar or completely identical content. The design might differ or be very similar – it depends on their efforts to blind you. What is fake here, you’d ask? Well, this only means that you try out essay platform A and dislike it. Then you will go for essay platform B and have the same experience. In fact, both requests of yours went into the same pool of writers working for a dozen of similar websites. So, no matter, how many times you try if you just go from one of their websites to another.

100% satisfied review

You perfectly know that different people tend to like or dislike exactly the same things. A fraud paper writing service also knows that. Their positive reviews will chase you through all their website and beyond.  All these to blind you and give the first impression of a very successful platform.

Talking about beyond. We are used to see companies posting only positive reviews on their own websites. That’s half a trouble. But once you go beyond, to third party websites, you shouldn’t see only 5 stars again. This only means that the company actually owns a review platform or many to spread fake reviews.

Look for a website with realistic opinions. It’s okay if people were asking for revisions or sometimes mention a writer was delayed. That’s real life, things like that can happen. What is impossible is that everything went perfect with their 1M customers.

Freelancers or employees

It’s well known that academic paper platforms work with freelancers to reduce costs. This way they don’t pay taxes, social security and all other things which they would if had employees. And we are totally okay with that, since all of us need affordable priced essays. But then there is a company claims they employ a thousand of writers and offers essays at 5 $ per page. Be sure it’s a scam service. Do your calculations don’t be blinded by something which seems to be to good to be true.

Check Out Top Services

These are the main and easiest ways to detect an academic writing scam. It is not difficult to find a decent paper writing platform if you do your research. Just don’t place an order in 2 minutes after entering an unknown website and you’ll be fine.