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One of oldest companies of the essay industry is ExtraEssay. They are a UK academic paper writing platform offering anything from an essay to a business plan. With so many years of experience it is not surprising that they are among the top paper writing companies in the world. But let’s see all the details before summing up our ExtraEssay review.


Price from $9
Discount 15%
Deadline 3 hours



We highly recommend ExtraEssay for students and professionals of all kind of levels!


If you are among those who get impressed easily with numbers, be ready for a shock. ExtraEssay states that they have over a thousand of loyal customers. What is even more inspiring, is that the number of A+ essays written by their staff is now over a thousand a year.

We liked their website a lot. The first thing which impressed us was a number of video testimonials. This is so unusual and much more credible than written feedback. Another great point is their samples available on the home page. Seems like this Scottish company really goes an extra mile to retain clients. And an 85% return rate shows that their strategy works well.

You can order more or less anything from their website. Essay, term paper, research paper, dissertation, resume, cover letter and many more!

We were pleased with our research results done to prepare this ExtraEssay review. Now let’s prove step by step that this is a reliable and high-quality essay provider for you.


ExtraEssay will attract you with their pricing policy. Their longest deadline essay starts at 9 $ per page and will take 14 days to complete. The price obviously goes up depending on requested level. For example, a dissertation with similar deadline will be 40 $ per page. Comparing to other online platforms this is really low costs and more than affordable by many students. On the other hand, you may want to get some VIP service here. There are plenty of features ExtraEssay offers in this case:

  • Get an editor who will edit, proofread and polish your paper after the writer completed the job. It will increase your total cost by 15% but might be worth the money if you are expecting the highest grades.
  • TOP writers will boost your total cost by 25%. ExtraEssay reviews of customers who got an A+ prove that it was a smart investment they made.
  • You can purchase the digital copies of materials used for preparing your paper. After all, if you are going to get an A+, making your essay public and showcasing the materials won’t hurt.
  • ExtraEssay offers something very unusual. You can be a subscription-based client for their homework services. In a nutshell, you pay once and get all your chores done by them.

Remembering the unusually high customer return rate we wouldn’t expect anything else but highest quality. ExtraEssay again impresses with some great figures here. For example, their writing team consists of almost a thousand of qualified writers coming from different academic backgrounds. 90% of completed orders don’t require a revision. The ones which require are usually related to a minor issue. A good example would be a wrong citation format which can be corrected almost instantly.
At the same time, ExtraEssay stays a very flexible and customer-friendly company. Officially their deadline is 8 hours. However, if you have an emergency you may contact their customer support and see if there is a way to accommodate it. Most of ExtraEssay reviews confirm that the company saved them by doing an urgent order.

We already mentioned that ExtraEssay is one among the oldest players of academic writing industry. This led to them being prepared for any kind of scenario. Whether it is a refund or a quality complaint, or a revision issue. ExtraEssay has a precisely described workaround for all kind of issues. Let’s discuss the main ones.
A very flexible money back guarantee gives you peace of mind once placing an order. You are free to cancel your order at any time. Depending on time you will have the following refund possibilities:

  • If it’s been less than one hour after the writer accepted your request, you will get back the whole amount.
  • If it’s been more than an hour and the writer started to work on your paper, the money will be calculated proportionally based on the time left to deadline.
  • Once it is half time to deadline you still can receive 70% of your initial payment to ExtraEssay.
  • After more than half time you will get 50% refund.

Another scenario for a refund case is quality. Luckily ExtraEssay has no problems with this, but it’s good to know your rights:

  • Even after you approve the paper on their platform you may still receive a full refund based on quality issues. Especially it concerns plagiarism.

And, finally, good news! ExtraEssay accepts payments only once they find a matching writer to your order. So, by default we exclude a situation when you paid, and they couldn’t find a writer to work on it.

Payment options

ExtraEssay accepts all the major international payment methods. Among them, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Payments can be done via PayPal as well. Besides that, don’t forget that you can make a one-time purchase of a subscription. This will eliminate hustles with ordering and paying every time you need to have your homework done.

Pros and Cons

Highest qualityHighest quality of writing is what lets ExtraEssay stand out of the crowd.
Extra featuresMany possibilities to enhance the quality by opting in for extra features.
Refund policyFlexible and clear refund policy.
Homework subscriptionHomework subscription to have all your hustles sorted out at once.
Positive reviewsHundreds of positive ExtraEssay reviews proving all the above.

Long time deliveringThe only slight disadvantage is that the minimum deadline is 8 hours. However, as mentioned above, the company goes on compromises and accepts urgent orders placed through customer support too.


All in all, there is nothing you wouldn’t find at ExtraEssay. Both standard and premium options work well. You can pay as little as 9 $ for a highquality essay or go for their extra features to get the best possible paper ever. Many positive ExtraEssay reviews proves the reliability of this company too. And the various orders they accept is also nice. You may do anything from homework to business writing with ExtraEssay.

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