Essay Typer: Websites That Write Papers For You For Free

Only a decade ago, no one could imagine a free essay typer service could actually be real. Most students are perfectly aware of essay writing services where a genuine writer composes your paper, but lately, the world found out about a new type of service called an essay generator. Now you can often overhear students asking each other: “What's the website that writes essays for you?” We decided to take a closer look at these services to answer the ultimate question: what is a free write essay service and can it actually help you write credible papers without you paying them anything? Here is everything you need to know about the websites that write papers for you for free.

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How Do Free Essay Writer Programs Work?

If you type “essay maker free” into your favorite search engine, your search will return several results with essay creator services who offer to create your paper absolutely for free and within minutes. But perhaps the most important question about these services is how they actually work and whether you actually can get a decent paper from them.

When you launch an essay generator free online service, you don’t need to create an account or make an order from a live customer support representative. All you need to do is enter the topic of your paper and begin typing. The text will automatically appear on the screen, and it’s not going to be the text you type — it will be the content pulled from different sources that has only a vague connection to the subject and type of your paper.

Once you feel the essay maker has produced enough content, you can finish creating the paper. Depending on the service you are using, you can either automatically download the paper as a Word file to your computer, or copy the text and paste it into a text processor, since some services don’t even have an option to download their creations. Overall, the process of typing a one-page essay with an online essay typer won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, but is any of it actually usable? Keep reading to find the answer to this question.

Where Does The Content Come From?

This is another highly interesting question when you are thinking about paper writer free programs. The content cannot come from nowhere, and if it came from advanced artificial intelligence software, it probably would cost a lot higher than most students can afford. So where does the text in those essay typer services come from?
The answer to this question is actually much simpler than you probably expect. The main source used by a typical essay writer bot is the good old Wikipedia. Some services rewrite the content taken from Wikipedia and others leave it as it is. But even if the text was rewritten and does not resemble Wikipedia at first glance, an experienced professor with a history of detecting the use of Wikipedia in student assignments will quickly spot any questionable fragments in the text and will take appropriate measures.

At the same time, the content in those automatically typed papers does not only come from Wikipedia. Some essay generated services also use other people’s essays that can be found online. They normally rewrite it to make it more original, but there comes another problem: if the writing style is different from one chapter of your paper to another, it’s inevitably going to raise suspicions and cause your professor to take a closer look at your essay. And the longer the professor spends on your paper looking for any inconsistencies and signs that you used online sources, the more he’s likely to find something.

Plagiarism Of Online Essay Typer Services

When you are using a website that types essays for you, the originality of the paper should definitely be your number one concern. Submitting a partially or fully plagiarized paper is one of the worst things you can do for your grade and overall academic reputation. Unfortunately, we cannot be very reassuring about the lack of plagiarism in essay generator services.

Some services simply retype Wikipedia word for word without changing anything. If you run this essay through a plagiarism checker such as Turnitin, it will come back with a close to 100% match with one or more Wikipedia articles. You can only imagine your professor’s reaction to seeing a student submit a paper that was simply copied from Wikipedia. Let’s just say you will need to work extra hard to get back in your professor’s good graces.

To be fair, some essay typer services actually try and make an effort to make your writing more original. First, they use the information from several sources to avoid your essay being traced back to just one online article. Second, they use simple paraphrasing techniques to add originality to the writing. If you use one of the latter essay generator services, there is a possibility your paper will pass a quick plagiarism test. However, if your school uses some state-of-the-art plagiarism software that can detect paraphrased fragments, the results of the plagiarism check can be disappointing to your professor and upsetting for you.

How Fast Does It Write?

Even though we are not the biggest fans of automatic essay writer services, we cannot argue with the fact that they deliver papers faster than regular writing services where your assignment is done by a human writer. Some essay typer services will allow you to review and edit your paper paragraph by paragraph, and some will simply add one or two words of text with every stroke of the keyboard. So if you have a two-page essay assignment, there is a possibility that you will receive a finished paper in about 10 minutes. However, it will probably need a lot more editing that, eventually, may cause you to spend hours trying to give the paper a usable look.

Can You Submit It As Your Own Work?

Leaving the moral side of the free essay writer program aside, there is nothing stopping you from putting your name on a paper done for you by an essay typer and submitting it as if you have done all the work. However, you also need to accept the possible consequences of such an approach. There are two potential negative outcomes of submitting a paper from an essay generator as your own work:

  • If the paper contains a substantial amount of plagiarism, it will definitely be spotted by your professor thanks to the advanced anti-plagiarism software that is used in modern schools. The punishment for using plagiarized content can be different, but it’s definitely not going to win you the praise and respect of your professor. At the very least, you will need to rewrite the paper, which means you will spend twice as much time on just one assignment as you should have.
  • Even if the essay is not flagged for plagiarism, its quality will still be far from what your professor expects to see. The only way an essay typer can achieve the originality of the text is through rewriting. The bad thing here is that it rewrites only individual words, not entire phrases or sentences, and does not take the context of the sentence into account. As a result, the choice of vocabulary in your essay may be far from perfect and your professor will rightfully have an issue with the quality of writing in your paper.

Are Essay Typer Services Legit?

After finding out almost everything there is to know about essay generator services, you probably have just one question left: “Are those essay builder services legit and can I really use them to submit a quality paper?”. We have spent a long time investigating various essay typers and whether they can actually be used to crafting essays. At the end of the day, we tend to believe that these services are not very legit and can be used only in two cases:

  • You are bored, have all the time in the world, and want to see what an essay bot service can do for you. In that case, you may even enjoy the process of typing one symbol on your keyboard after another and watch the paper grow without any effort from you. However, you need to understand that the finished essay will hardly be usable and there is likely no point in downloading it.
  • You have an important assignment that you want to do yourself but you’ve hit a writer’s block. You don’t know where to begin the paper or struggle to find credible sources to use in the essay. This is where an essay typer can be somewhat helpful. If you see one or two initial paragraphs of the paper, you may get the idea for writing the paper on your own. However, you probably still should not download the text and put your name on it.

Top Essay Generator Services: EssayTyper And EssayBot

Right now, there are several online essay typer services that offer you an opportunity to automatically type your essay. Here is what you should know about each one of them.


If we had just one thing to say about EssayTyper, we would say that this service was clearly intended as a joke. The good news is that you don’t need to pay anything to use it, but it’s also one of the most pointless essay-related services we have ever encountered.

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The process of using EssayTyper begins with typing in your essay topic. You will then see a page resembling a Word processor where the subject of your paper appears. When you type symbols on the keyboard, the service adds one or two words to the text. However, even the service itself does not make a secret out of the fact that 100% of its content comes from Wikipedia. There is no rewriting or paraphrasing, so we definitely advise against using the content you get from EssayTyper. Plus, there is even no opportunity to download the paper — you can only manually copy the contents of the essay and paste it into a text editor for future use if you are willing to take the risk.

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At first glance, EssayBot looks like a more useful essay generator service. It also asks you for the topic of your paper and then immediately suggests the first paragraph based on your request. If you sign up for the site, you can save the essays in your personal account. However, we need to warn you that EssayBot is not a free service: you will need to pay $2.49 for the first trial week and $9.95 per month after the trial week ends.

essay bot

EssayBot does seem to make an effort to make its content more usable. The service rewrites the paragraphs taken from other sources to make them more original. You also get to do some editing if you don’t like the way the EssayBot phrased a thought. However, we still have a hard time viewing EssayBot as a genuine essay writing service rather than a way to give you some ideas on what to write in your paper. We would be more likely to recommend it if it was a free service, but we cannot justify paying $9.95 per month for rewritten content from Wikipedia and other open sources.

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Essay Typer vs. Writing Services

If you are looking for a service that can be the ultimate answer to your question: “Can you write my essay for free?”, an essay typer is probably not the answer, as there are multiple problems with using it. To put it simply, the idea of an essay writer free service is simply too good to be true, and everyone knows the best things in life are never free.

Comparing automatic essay typer services to real essay writing services with genuine and experienced writers does not look good for essay bots. Obviously, there is no reputable paper writing service where you can say “Write my essay for free”, because their assistance costs money, but other than that, human essay writing services are miles ahead of the essay generator sites you can use today.

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There is still no algorithm that can write a decent paper for you

The most important thing to remember that the idea of free automatic essay typing software is an interesting one and these services can potentially have a bright future if their technology becomes better. Right now, we cannot recommend using essay typer sites for your academic needs simply because the quality of content they produce is too low to treat it seriously or consider submitting it as your own paper. But while you are waiting for a more advanced essay typer service to be discovered, you can save time and improve your grades by using one of the many reputable essay writing services with real writers and 100% original content.


While the idea behind a free essay writer is certainly entertaining and can be a good way to lift your writer’s block, these essay builder services are still years away from producing papers that you can actually submit to your professor without the risk of failing the assignment or being ridiculed by your classmates for the content of your essay.

If your only goal for using an essay typer is to have some fun in between studying sessions and you have plenty of time to do it, then you can certainly try the “write my essay” free online tools. But if you are pressed for time and want to download a 100% unique, flawlessly written paper, you can only get the desired level of service from a professional essay writing company.