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Technological progress does not actually stand still. Innovation has even affected the sphere of essay writing services. All students are well aware that writing assignments are common practice. They have to write copies from scratch and submit original manuscripts to their institutions all the time. Such written papers take a lot of time for research, systematization of information from various sources, as well as editing. Students are often unable to cope with their academic workload when time is pressing.


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The EssayTyper service is more of a joke than a genuine writing service for students.

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Automatic writing of documents according to specified parameters became a new direction. Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms, essay writing bots can easily follow the user requirements and assist in finding the best-matched solutions from the repository. Some developers incorporated AI bots that can automate the whole writing process. While using these essay generators for free online, essay builders are able to improve their skills and efficiency.

So, the service was created, which was designed to help solve students’ academic problems. In the event when they have neither enough time nor strength to perform written assignments, this service can come to the rescue. Users do not need to search for reliable data and process it. EssayTyper collects information on various Internet resources such as thematic websites and Wikipedia. is an Internet resource that offers virtual and automated essay writing services. This website allows students to cope with any essay topic. Technically, they do not need to write anything but keywords. The necessary data is taken as the basis for generating texts on various topics. The software searches for relevant documents on the Internet, and offer variants of sentences. It facilitates essay writing because the system generates appropriate sentences and even paragraphs.

You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to log into EssayTyper. This essay writing website has a simple user interface. It allows students to create essays of various types quickly, be it a narrative, argumentative, or descriptive essays. When you start writing, this service offers pop-up words. Such assistance might be useful for students who do not know how to start and what to write in each paragraph. In just a few minutes, this free software helps you see the offered version of your paper. The text is presented in the Word format, which is admissible for academic purposes.

My Experience

During my testing of, the whole process was easy and straightforward. After opening the main page, I saw a sector in the middle of the page where I was able to enter the topic of my essay. Unfortunately, not all issues are supported. Apparently, only the most common titles can be accepted by the system. I selected a specific topic, and the system re-phrased it and offered a similar heading.

Then, I was redirected to the form of an online document that looked like a formatted form. Based on the words I originally entered, the system provided me with an essay text after I used to press any computer keys. Also, I noticed that panel controls are false. They look like a Work editor, but I was not able to press any buttons. They are not active and designed for decoration only.

When I checked the text written by EssayTyper using anti-plagiarism software, the result was 55% of uniqueness. This figure is not sufficient to consider that such an essay is good. A positive indicator was that both dates and facts were accurately stated, and the proper citation of the sources was given.

Of course, creating a full-fledged essay or dissertation using EssayTyper is not possible. It is only a tool that can help if you have some difficulties in writing academic assignments. You can probably use this tool as a generator of hints. The offered text should be revised personally to create a better-quality essay. If you need more extensive help with your paper, this tool is probably not for you.

However, my research showed that EssayTyper does use Wikipedia as its primary source of information. If you order an essay on any online writing platforms, it will be written by humans. Professional writers are able to write academic documents correctly. Therefore, this service cannot be recommended for students until this online resource improves its functionality along with other parameters for generating unique texts.

Prices and Payment Methods

EssayTyper is a free tool, and no fees are required to get generated phrases and hints. Therefore, you can hardly complain about the quality of writing services and existing restrictions. Of course, it is great that the EssayTyper developer came up with an online product that they are ready to provide for free. With this online tool, you cannot specify the quality of the paper, as if you turn to one of the professional online services.

If you want to get a quality written paper, you probably have to spend a certain amount of money or effort to improve the offered version. You need to be prepared to do most of the work yourself. If you have serious doubts about your writing skills, the system may be of little help to you when composing sentences. With EssayTyper, you still have to rework the offered text. Tips and ideas on where to start and how to format your essay will not help you much to get an excellent grade in your educational institution.


It is to note that the use of EssayTyper for writing essays has some drawbacks. First of all, you need to be careful with plagiarism. When students copy material from the Internet or write their papers using this service, the text will contain plagiarism. It is worth checking the documents done using anti-plagiarism software recommended by your teachers.

Also, there are fundamental differences in whether an essay is created using EssayTyper or written by a real person. The result that you most likely will get when using this online tool is a meaningless composition of several paragraphs taken from Wikipedia and other Internet sources. So, EssayTyper does not provide any guarantees related to quality and plagiarism-free services. A disclaimer found on the website is urging the customers not to use the texts offered in their academic purposes, mainly because of plagiarism.

Therefore, you can consider the EssayTyper service as an online tool worth to try if your writing skills are not perfect, and you prefer to get suitable phrases. The service admonishes students from submitting the generated texts to their institutions. It is better to use them as draft copies needed to be modified.

Completing an essay should be a personal process. Even when ordering papers online from professional writers, you should re-read the written copy and make your adjustments as necessary. EssayTyper can only assist you in creating a proper document based on the draft copy.

Customers Reviews

Comments on Reddit, which were left six years ago, that is, when the service was launched, are mostly ambiguous. EssayTyper allows users to work on their tasks using an automatic algorithm that performs preliminary work. This essay writing service helps you quickly create paper and plan other tasks. has such an essential benefit as saving time.

Essay Typer Review1

Essay Typer Review2

Since the process of creating an essay is fully automated, there is also an advantage of obtaining a text with verified facts and figures. These facts can help in the process of preparing the right document. Working with EssayTyper makes your parents think that you are actually doing written assignments. It is really amusing. So, do not take EssayTyper for serious. Its developer considers this project as a fun application, and not a reliable study solution for academic purposes.

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Essay Typer Review5

Any essay on any topic involves the use of accurate information. This resource finds it on the Internet. However, EssayTyper does not present information objectively. The process of writing an essay is not human but automatic. This service does not produce original content, so using it is problematic primarily because of plagiarism.

Essay Typer Review6

Essay Typer Review7

Sources used in this automatic process of essay creation can use data with some bias. Therefore, it introduces issues of objectivity into document creation. It is known that using Wikipedia as a scientific source for writing academic papers is not acceptable. The reason for this is that anyone can adjust Wikipedia articles. Besides, the absence of a reference to Wikipedia is tantamount to plagiarism. EssayTyper cautions that you should never try to use the generated texts without due changes.

Pros and Cons

This writing service has its advantages and disadvantages. Some EssayTyper reviews confirm the benefits of using EssayTyper, and there are several reasons for using this writing tool:


  • EssayTyper can provide an inspiration to move on with your paper and the guidance to write a relevant text;
  • It creates a nifty example in minutes for your academic needs;
  • When typing an essay, the program follows the basic requirements for creating a proper document, which includes correct structure and formatting;
  • This service offers texts without spelling and grammatical errors, as well as incorrectly composed sentences;
  • You do not need to browse the Internet in search of essay samples that can fit your topic;
  • The software manages perfectly with proper formatting and citation referencing;
  • It is entirely free of charge.


  • When submitting automatically generated papers, you are risking to get a poor grade and lose a reputation;
  • Fake controls on the text page;
  • No opportunity to edit the text offered;
  • Generally, essay content is incoherent and vague;
  • The use of EssayTypers can mislead you and produce an effect of hands down;
  • Wikipedia and other free sources are mainly used for generating papers;
  • Content features below-average quality;
  • Content is not plagiarism-free;
  • Support service is almost not available.

The service developer provides only a link to the personal Twitter account. However, given that this writing tool is free, you cannot expect somebody is going to answer your questions in time.

Also, you are not allowed to copy texts from EssayTyper. The website is designed in such a way that it does not allow users to copy or print the generated documents. The purpose of the site is only to show information on the topic you have entered, not allowing it to be used for your academic goals. You need the necessary Internet skills to know how to copy essays and save content produced by EssayTyper.


In the field of education, the ability to write holistic and logical documents is a must. Many students who are looking for assistance in writing essays actually need someone to create these copies for them. In this case, they will not get much from EssayTypers.

There are ways to use EssayTyper optimally. Students can learn how to write essays on their own. This online service can be considered as a training tool to compose essays correctly, not allowing plagiarism to influence them all the time.

Content created by EssayTyper often does not make sense and does not meet academic standards. Although this free online tool saves time and allows its users to get a text of dubious quality, the use of this service can damage students’ academic progress. Therefore, using this online writing tool for educational purposes is a bad idea.

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What Is EssayTyper?

It is an online tool that allows students to obtain an essay or any academic paper just in several minutes. This service can save a significant amount of time.

Is EssayTyper Legit?

Its availability on the Internet proves the legitimacy of this site. However, this online resource uses some combinations of algorithms and information taken from Wikipedia. This fact undermines its legitimacy.

How Much Does EssayTyper Cost?

The use of this online service is absolutely free of charge. Any hidden fees or extra charges are absent.

Is EssayTyper Safe?

Yes, it is. However, experts are concerned about the fact that many online writing services are currently offering to perform academic assignments instead of students. In this case, students are more likely to engage in deception than to improve their learning skills.

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