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Essay Typer has one big advantage, which is that it’s absolutely free, and a whole lot of disadvantages. We cannot seriously recommend it as a legitimate essay service.


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The Essay Typer service is more of a joke than a genuine writing service for students.

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The first thing you need to know about EssayTyper is that if you are looking for a typical essay service that will take your money and have one of its writers create a quality paper for you from scratch, that is not what you’ll find at Essay Typer. This service was created by a sole developer, and it is currently unclear whether he meant it as a joke or as a serious way to assist students in writing.
The premise of Essay Typer is rather easy:

You enter the topic of your paper and click on the pencil icon.

The homepage turns into a Word-like window with a space for typing and the usual controls.

Essay Typer will suggest a title for your essay.

All you need to do is start pressing random keys on your keyboard, imitating typing. The system then starts filling in the information for your paper.

When you get an essay of the desired length, all that is left to do is to arrange the paragraphs in your preferred order and edit the paper to make it look like it has been written by a human.

The only catch is that the content of your essay written with Essay Typer will be almost completely taken from Wikipedia. That’s right, EssayTyper does not employ an advanced AI system or other method of delivering quality papers. Instead, it looks for a Wikipedia article that corresponds to the subject of your paper and adds as many paragraphs from it as you need.


The only advantage of Essay Typer as a serious writing help service is that it’s available absolutely for free. There are no hidden fees and extra charges. Whenever you need to get some ideas for your next written assignment, simply visit the Essay Typer website and see what the service suggests.

The quality of the paper is exactly what you would expect from a service that takes information from Wikipedia and pastes it into your essay without modifying it even a little bit. If you’re lucky, what you’ll get is a seemingly sound paper on your chosen topic. However, you cannot use it as your essay for one simple reason — it will never pass a plagiarism test. No matter which school you go to, plagiarism is considered to be one of the worst offences and can significantly harm your academic record.
Even if the papers at your school are not required to pass a plagiarism check, the quality of the paper you get through Essay Typer is questionable at best. The only source is Wikipedia, which means your paper won’t have a proper bibliography or references. Plus, the text often contains mistakes, and the proper formatting is non-existent — you will need to format the paper yourself, which can often take as much time as the writing itself.
We also didn’t like the fact that while the page is styled to look like a standard Word document, the controls aren’t actually real, which means you cannot use them to edit your paper. Finally, there is no button for downloading your document. You can copy the text and paste it into your usual text editor, but that will take extra time, which you may not have.
So is Essay Typer actually useful for a modern student? We tested the website back and forth and found the the only legit way to use Essay Typer for your studies is when you have a writer’s block and don’t have a single idea what to write in your essay, you can see what the EssayTyper suggests and use some of the ideas in your own paper.

A service that simply copies Wikipedia entries to create your essay cannot offer any guarantees to the users. In fact, the website creator doesn’t make any promises like landing you a good grade or solving your studies problems. Instead, the person behind Essay Typer emphasizes the fact that you cannot submit the work you get through the service to your professor or you’ll face represussions.
There is also no customer support in the usual sense of the word, where you click on the Live Chat button and immediately are connected to a customer service representative. With no services to sell to the customers, Essay Typer doesn’t have the budget for 24/7 customer support. There is some contact information that allows you to reach the website creator, but there is a big chance that your message will not get a reply, as he is probably pretty busy.
Payment options

Since there are no services to pay for at EssayTyper, there are no payment options — everything you can do there, you can do for free. You can like the service’s Facebook page, but that’s the only form of support available to you.

Pros and Cons

It’s difficult to seriously consider any advantages to a service like Essay Typer, but there are still a couple of pros:

It’s a fun idea that allows you to imagine how easy essay writing would be without plagiarism software;

It’s all available absolutely for free.

There are also several cons:

Essay Typer does not provide any real help with an assignment;

The only source used is Wikipedia, which is not always credible and reliable;

Even the typing and editing functionality is limited and there is no download button.


If you are considering using Essay Typer to get help with your next academic assignment, we suggest you find another service, because EssayTyper is not a real essay writing service and is more likely to hurt your grades than improve it.

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