Enotes Review 2023: Is It a Solid Educational Platform for Students or Not?
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Many years of experience and the noble purpose of Enotes.com make us think that it’s not just another fly-by-night company. But what’s behind the brand name and big words? It’s time to find out the truth about Enotes.


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What students do when they face difficulties with the completion of any assignment?  Right, they try to find the answers on the Internet, and if they fail, they turn to the professional writers for help. Not all blogs and special platforms contain the necessary information for school, college, and university students. That’s why two classmates established Enotes in 1998. They were inspired by literature and the love of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. The service aims to make education accessible for all.

General Impressions From the Website’s Design

The first thing you see when you visit the site is the significant difference in comparison with the traditional academic writing services for students. If you’ve used their help at least once, you’ll quickly understand that Enotes is something new. All details of the service’s design show that it’s a serious educational platform.

enotes review

The main specialization of the service is literature. The visitor can quickly proceed to search for the necessary information using the search bar. There’s a list of top study guides on literature, which includes summaries and analyses of the most famous pieces of writing. Browse the recently added guides to use the most relevant and up-to-date information in your studies.

If you have trouble with understanding the particular topic in this or that subject, ask the experts on the website or find your question in the list of answered ones.  The students aren’t the only target audience of Enotes. Various lesson plans, quizzes, and other sources of information may help the teachers do their work well. Choose the corresponding section at the top of the page, and use the materials as a source of ideas.

enotes review

Both the children and students should create a personal account to use the materials. Enotes login process is combined with entering the bank card data. It’s impossible to register and evaluate the service during the trial period and only then agree to enter the bank card data.

The Quality of Educational Materials Available at Enotes

The responsibility to write summaries and answer students’ questions lies in the educators. They are school, college and university teachers, or just well-educated people interested in literature, history, or another subject. The names and photos of some of them are available in the About Us section. The website shares nothing about the hiring process, the particular hiring procedure, or evaluation of the writer’s work. They just assure that the editorial staff carefully checks each article.

enotes review

If we compare Enotes with popular academic writing services, the latter always share how they select the most proficient writers. For example, they need to pass the English test, write a test assignment, and prove their awareness of academic writing styles. Here, you won’t find such information.

The opinions of clients in some previously published Enotes reviews differ. One category of people states that guides are well-written and easy to understand, whereas the other is deeply disappointed after using Enotes. Perhaps, it depends on the particular writer and the complexity of the topic.

What Services Does Enotes Provide to Customers?

enotes review

The literature study guides are the most popular category on the website. These guides aren’t a shortened summary of the book. The platform claims that the writer uses additional materials (criticism) to make the full analysis of the book with commentaries. Enotes reassures students that the literature won’t seem complicated and unclear with their guides.

If you need help with the particular question online, use the other homework help service. Ask the educators online and get the answer quickly. Select the subject, explain your issue in detail, and wait for the response. It’s not a free option; the price is included in the chosen subscription plan. Enotes states that educators will answer as soon as possible, but if you ask the question at night, you’ll hardly get any answer till morning.

enotes review

Using Enotes, you belong to yourself because the educator won’t do the essays and assignments for you. The success depends on how quickly you find the necessary guide, understand, and use it in doing your assignments. If you need quick, professional help, choose another option.

Are There Any Difficulties with Paying for Subscription at Enotes?

When you browse the websites, you may see that the guides are available for you. But non-registered users have no access to all materials – the available excerpts of guides won’t help you understand the content. If you decide to benefit from the paid options of Enotes, you should find more about them. Some websites accept payments through rare and unpopular payment systems that make the use of the service inconvenient. There’s no such problem at Enotes.

enotes review

The service uses popular payment systems, such as PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. You surely have at least one card from this list. The payment process here is the same as at any other service: you enter the bank card data and the system withdraws the definite sum of money. If you think that the service is worth spending money, you won’t have problems with paying for it due to the several convenient payment options.

The Pricing Policy of Enotes: The Available Subscription Plans

The free trial period at Enotes lasts for 48 hours. After that time, all users should pay money to continue using the service. If you look at the prices, you may think that the paid subscription gives you an unlimited number of facilities in any subject, the possibility to ask as many questions as you want, and download as many papers as necessary. Although, in reality, it’s not so.

All subscription plans are divided into two categories: for students and teachers. If the trial period lets you understand that Enotes is the right option for you, it’s better to choose an Annual subscription: it gives more options and saves money.  The special discount lowers the price from $49.99 to $24.99. It’s an advantageous offer. The Enotes monthly plan costs $7.49 and is a good option if you want to test the service.

enotes review

The pricing policy for teacher’s plans differs slightly. The monthly plan costs $12.49, an Annual – $39.99.  If several teachers from one educational institution want to use Enotes, they are offered to choose Plus Faculty plan that costs $399 and gives them up to 10 teacher logins. However, other options are the same as in the Annual subscription.

enotes review

Are There Any Time-Limited Services at Enotes?

Enotes isn’t that company where you can ask the professional for help, and he or she will write you the top-notch paper in the given timeline. If you need the custom-written assignment, seek for the most suitable option. Enotes is the service with hundreds of study guides available any time, so there’s no need to set any deadlines. Pay for the subscription and read full versions of guides as many times as you want.

Every user may consult the educator about the difficult assignment in real time. This option also doesn’t presuppose any deadlines. You write the question you’re interested in and send it to the teacher. He or she will need some time to carry out small research and give the right answer. You can’t specify the time when you want to get the answer. This option also doesn’t mean that the educator will do the homework for you.

Do Clients Have the Right to Ask for a Refund?

The services that require customers to pay for each paper usually have the corresponding policies, protecting the clients and letting them give their money back. What about Enotes? This company isn’t a scam and it also cares about its customers. All claims about refunds are considered individually. Enotes clearly indicate cases when getting a refund is impossible. First, the claim is rejected if the client forgot to cancel the subscription because the system didn’t control this.

Those who claim that the material doesn’t correspond to their expectations also can’t return their money. All guides are available in short versions that let users acquaint themselves with them and evaluate their quality. The attempts to outflank the system are also easily detected. There are people who cancel the free trial and then pay for a subscription again in the hope of getting the free trial period back. It’s impossible to straddle two worlds. Enotes reject the claims connected with the above-mentioned cases.

How Can Customers Get Help: The Evaluation of Customer Support Service

Since our Enotes review addresses all aspects of the company’s work, we can’t disregard the support service. This platform may be new to students, and they should be able to get instructions and answers any time. They may ask questions through the contact form or write directly to email. It’s stated that you get the answer ASAP, but there’s no guarantee. People who’ve used the Enotes report that the response may take up to 12 hours. It’s a serious drawback, especially in cases when clients need urgent assistance.

enotes review

In comparison with other services, where Live Chat lets users and managers communicate online, the customer service of Enotes needs further development. Although the FAQ section offsets this disadvantage of Enotes, it contains the answers to the most general questions classified by categories.

enotes review

Pros and Cons of Enotes You Should Know Before Using

Paying for membership at Enotes only because of the interesting idea, without weighing all pros and cons, is too reckless. No matter what the idea is, the content is all that matters. Analyze all advantages and disadvantages of the service and decide whether you need Enotes or not.


  • User-friendly design of the website and Mobile App.
  • A large number of guides.
  • Convenient payment option.
  • Useful FAQ section.


  • The quality of the study guides isn’t always high.
  • The cost of the subscription is considerable, especially taking into account the offered services.
  • It’s impossible to order the assignment.
  • It’s hard to get a refund.
  • The customer support service isn’t always available.

Is Enotes Worth Your Attention?

This educational platform is the right solution for students who seek an additional source of materials and various study guides. Although the majority of students won’t be ready to pay for it, they will surely find a free platform with a broader range of services. Enotes can’t provide writing assistance, but that’s the primary need of modern students. If you want both to understand the subject and get the well-written assignment, look for another writing option.

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What is Enotes?

It’s an educational website for students launched in 1998 that provides various materials to help students do their homework, prepare for exams, etc. It contains the section with materials that are useful for teachers: lesson plans, annotated texts, quizzes.

Is Enotes legit?

This platform doesn’t use any online databases, doesn’t write the assignments instead of the students, so there are no doubts as to Enotes legitimacy.

How much does Enotes cost?

Enotes offers clients pay not per each paper, but for the subscription. The students may choose a monthly or annual subscription plan. The first will cost them $7.49 and the latter $24.99. The corresponding packages for teachers cost $12.49 and $39.99. The Plus Faculty plan costs $399.

Is Enotes a scam?

There are no reviews that report about the scam nature of Enotes. All is fair: the client pays money and gets access to all paid options: he or she can download study guides, ask questions within the subscription.

Is Enotes safe?

Enotes don’t collect the personal information of their customers. All payments are encrypted so that the bank card data won’t get into the wrong hands. Each user can find out the headquarters address and see the photos of people who work at Enotes. This platform is safe for you.

Is Enotes plagiarism-free?

Enotes don’t belong to the services creating custom-written papers that should be 100% unique. The clients are allowed to use the published materials only to reach a better understanding of the subject. Copying of the guides is prohibited.

Are there Enotes discounts?

The official discount system is absent, but sometimes the platform reduces the prices on subscriptions.

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