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EduBirdie is a US academic writing company that uses a bidding system. They offer help with standard academic papers such as essays, research and term papers, dissertations and the like. It’s probably the most well-known service in the academic writing industry, being the cause of many heated discussions on Reddit. Is EduBirdie cheating and will you get in trouble for using them? Is EduBirdie legal and legit? How much does EduBirdie cost exactly? These are the main controversial topics of most discussions and EduBirdie reviews. Well, don’t worry, we have some answers for you right away! As for the rest of them, we hope you’ll find your answers in this EduBirdie review.

So, is EduBirdie cheating? Duh, of course! When you pay for essay writing instead of doing it yourself, it’s definitely cheating. It’s unethical and maybe morally wrong, depending on your moral compass, but it’s not illegal.  That’s also why you don’t have to ask ‘is EduBirdie legal?’ either. No U.S. laws are restricting the use of writing services, as it isn’t an intellectual property theft. As long as you actually pay for essay that’s written from scratch, the final product belongs to you. It isn’t the case with plagiarism though as it will get you in some serious trouble. Choosing the reliable service is the key, so let’s find out if this is the one in our EduBirdie review!

  • Price

How much does EduBirdie cost? There is no fixed price system at EduBirdie as the end cost of your paper depends on the writer’s bids. The bidding starts at $18 per page though, which is way above average, especially for a student. They also don’t have any discounts or loyalty programs due to the bidding system. EduBirdie accepts payments via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

  • Quality

Is EduBirdie legit? Let’s see! The first nice thing we noticed on their website is a rating system both for writers and for customers. This system allows you to check writer’s qualifications, as well as feedback for this particular writer from their previous customers. You can choose a writer in one of three categories: standard, premium, and platinum. The later would cost you up to +15% of the price, which is already pretty high.

The overall number of positive and negative EduBirdie reviews on the web is almost even. It seems the papers are generally OK, but they are not what people are expecting for their money. An occasional EduBirdie review mentions poor grammar, proof-reading issues or too general writing. We’ve also seen more than one EduBirdie review concerning plagiarism issues. All in all, many EduBirdie reviews agree that choosing a standard writer is like playing roulette, while high-level ones are too expensive.

  • Deadline Delivery

Luckily, we couldn’t find a single EduBirdie review that would mention writers missing deadlines. At least they seem to deliver papers timely for these excessive prices.

  • Customer Support

You’ll mostly talk to your writer, but customer support is available 24/7 via email, live chat or social media.

  • Guarantees

At EduBirdie they double-check all the papers for plagiarism and offer unlimited revisions. You can also ask for a refund after the order is finished but not yet approved. That said, almost every EduBirdie review confirms that approved orders are non-refundable, so check your papers thoroughly before approving them.

So, is EduBirdie legit? Yes, hopefully, our EduBirdie review proves that it’s a genuine service that provides papers of average quality. However, EduBirdie is too pricey for an average teen, and their quality doesn’t match the price. So, if you’re low on budget, this is not the service for you. Have any thoughts on this company? Feel free to leave your EduBirdie review in comments!

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