Editage Review 2021: Everything You Wanted To Ask About The Service
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Editage is the platform that provides editing and translation services for students, young authors, scholars, and anyone who may need such services. It was launched in 2002 to help its customers to polish their works. Today, they have offices in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Singapore. They claim to have mastered more than 2 million written pieces in the last 17 years with more than half a million writers around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at this company and what it offers.


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Probably, you’re having the same issue with your writing assignment or article you are currently working on if you are reading this review. To make the choice of the online writing service easier for you, we outlined the most frequently asked questions about one of them below, so you can decide whether it is worth your try.

Editage is the platform that provides editing and translation services for students, young authors, scholars, and anyone who may need such services. It was launched in 2002 to help its customers to polish their works. Today, they have offices in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Singapore. They claim to have mastered more than 2 million written pieces in the last 17 years with more than half a million writers around the globe. Let’s take a closer look at this company and what it offers.

Design And Usability: What It Looks Like and How It Works?

Having visited the Editage website for the first time, we noticed that it is minimalistic and easy to understand. It does not have a lot of tabs or annoying pop-ups that distract you. Instead, you can find three tabs at the top that are presenting the services that Editage provides, and one button inviting the customer to request a free quote. Logging in into your account or asking for help is also available from the homepage.

Editage Review

As a customer scrolls the page down, they can see standard information like ‘why choose this service over others’, Editage reviews from recent customers, short payment information, and a few calls to action to start using it.

The process of ordering the improvement of your essay, article or the research paper is simple. First, an assignment has to be uploaded to the website. By this time, your account is created (later, you will be able to track your order status there and communicate with the editor or translator). After that, the editor will take a look at your piece of writing and make necessary changes, including, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Formatting also will be corrected if needed. Then, your essay, article or paper will be submitted to a senior expert in your field to ensure no mistake was left unnoticed. When it’s done, you will get your revised paper. The detailed information on how all the business is done you can find by clicking on the ‘How It Works’ tab.

Editage Review

Throughout our cooperation with the Editage website, we had no issues related to the work of the interface. The platform worked well and did not crash while we were using it.

Who Will Write Your Essay And What Quality You Should Expect?

Editage editors and translators are claimed to be professionals in various fields of expertise (from math and astronomy to English literature and history). The platform promises to employ only native speakers of English who come from different countries and backgrounds so that the various needs of its customers can be fulfilled. Their subject areas count more than 1200 specific majors which look impressive for the potential customer who visited the  Editage page for the first time.

Editage Review

As you scroll down the page ‘Meet Our Editors’, you will see a few profiles of employed editors with the number of orders they finished, their years of experience, and area of expertise they specialize in.

When it comes to the quality of service, unfortunately, you never know it until you make an order. Since there are not many Editage reviews on the web, you have a small chance of getting the right impression of its quality. That is why we decided to assign a fair piece of writing to the editor of this platform to check how it will be carried out here.

Based on our experience, we can say that the quality of editing was not superb. There were a few mistakes made by the editor along with formatting issues. When we decided to turn to the Support Agents, they were backing their editor instead of ensuring the satisfaction of the customer, so we would not advise using this service to anyone.

Services and Features: What You Can Get For Your Money?

Let’s take a closer look at the services and special offers Editage proposes to its customers. To get a quick view of them, click on the ‘Services’ tab and look through the list.

Editage Review

First, you will see the group of English editing services that include various types of  Manuscript editing: scientific, premium, advanced, and thesis editing services. Scientific editing is suitable for those who seek to publish their work in the most wanted journals of their field. Premium editing will suit the author who wants to impress the journal or a newspaper with a wide range of readers and has a little experience in working with such publishing giants. Advanced editing is a good match for those who think that their written pieces need a little editing.

The next group of services is Publication Support. It includes a selection of publishers where work on submission, and resubmission of the piece of writing, which includes the formatting and sending of the paper, quick technical review for the customer to pay attention to the particular issues that need to be improved to impress certain publishers, and plagiarism checking. Also, Editage claims to be able to adjust your art piece according to the standards of the specific journal or newspaper.

Translation services were claimed to turn the customer’s writing to the English version on the native-speaker level. Other services that Editage promotes include book and statistical reviews, literature selection, medical writing, and proofreading of the writing upon a customer’s request. As you can see, Editage looks like a giant of editing services on the current market. However, if you search for the reviews of the customers over the web, you will hardly find them. Would it be possible for a real company with more than 2 million clients?

How To Pay For Your Order And Is Your Payment Secure?

Editage provides its customers with a few means of payment. First, you can pay with your credit card. Second, you can do that through a PayPal account and, finally, Bank Wire is available for those who are not comfortable with two previous methods.

To make a payment for your order, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Login into your account and click on the ‘Payments’ tab. You will see a drop-down menu where you need to choose the ‘Orders and Payments’ option.


  1. After that, check the ‘Outstanding Orders’ tab to see the exact orders that wait for your payment. Select as many of them as you want to pay for them at the moment.


  1. Choose a suitable payment method and fill in the necessary information in the respective fields. Click on the ‘Proceed to pay’.

Editage Review

  1. Choose the appropriate method in the drop-down menu. Please note that if you’d like to pay with your credit card, you have to select the PayPal option that will redirect you to the card input page.

Editage Review

  1. Please fill in your name, address, along with the city, state, and zip code and the amount you’d like to pay and click the ‘Connect to PayPal’ button to finish the payment.

Editage Review

If you prefer paying through the bank transfer, choose the Citibank option on the drop-down menu and you’ll see all necessary details for it.

The Price List: Is It Any Different From Competitors?

One of the crucial factors that influence the customer’s decision to cooperate with a certain writing service is the price. However, if you search the Editage website for such information, you will not find any clear price list or at least estimated prices for service packages.

FAQ on prices and payments state that the exact price is determined by a few factors:

  • number of words for the assignment;
  • editing level (we described the differences between them earlier);
  • delivery time.

In case a potential customer wishes to know the price for their order, they need to fill in a questionnaire with details of the writing piece. After that, the service will propose to place an order and will calculate the price. At this point, we would not say Editage is a reliable company, as hiding the prices looks suspicious compared to other similar services that post their price lists openly.

Delivery time: How Long Should You Wait For Your Essay?

Editage policy on deadlines and delivery of the assignments is vague and does not answer particular questions of customers regarding how quickly the order will be finished. The same is true for the revision of an essay or article. The only statement you can find on the website is that it promises the response to the customer’s request in 24 hours and a full refund in case of late delivery of the paper. Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether it is true until the order is made and money is paid for it.

Editage Review

As we still wanted to know the exact amount of time needed for our article to be done with Editage, we turned to the Support Agent for help. Here is the answer regarding the price and deadline we got for the 5000-words article.

Editage Review

As you can see, the deadline we were provided is not even a couple of days, while the price is too high compared to other writing services. A regular college student will hardly be able to afford such service and even young professionals or entrepreneurs will need to think twice before making an order on Editage.

Revision and Refund: How To Reqest a Revision and Get Money Back?

The first and foremost thing to notice is that Editage offers the editing service performed by two editors before a customer receives their manuscript back. Second, if the customer needs more revisions of the paper, they can request it for free if this option is prescribed in the package they ordered. Only the Premium Editing package offers multiple reviews of the manuscript until the customer likes it without an additional fee. In case the customer wants to save money and choose another package, they can order Multiple-Round Advanced Editing for the separate fee (which is again unclear until you contact the Customer Support to calculate your price).

The second issue that is worth your attention is that a customer cannot change any parts of the article if they want the quality to be guaranteed. Also, if there are any negative outcomes of the usage of the manuscript edited with Editage, the company would not return money if its staff thinks that the customer changed the text to some extent before submission to the professor or publisher.

The procedure of the refund looks simple at first sight, but it is not that way in reality. To receive your money back, a customer cannot just inform the company that they are not 100% satisfied with the job done. Instead, they will need to write a long request for money return where all the unacceptable issues should be outlined. After that, the company promises to eliminate these spots from the manuscript and maybe a refund will be offered. Just imagine how many times you will have to insist on your money return.

Customer Support: Was It Made To Resolve Your Issues?

The Editage Customer Support is available over the phone and online chat. Also, you can write to them via email. Agents seem to be available all day long and give answers to the customers’ queries promptly. Based on our experience, we can say that the Support Agents work well, although they try to get to know the details of your manuscript while talking to you and strongly encourage you to make an order, but if it does not bother you much, you can turn to them for help.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s see the Editage benefits we have found so far:

  • convenient website;
  • three payment methods available for usage;
  • double-check by two editors before the paper delivery to the customer.

The negative sides of the service are the following:

  • the prices are too high even for business people (an average student cannot afford Editage service at all);
  • revision and refund policies are fake as a customer is prohibited from making any changes to the paper after they get it done by Editage staff;
  • confirmed orders are impossible to cancel, so if the customer does not want to proceed with the order, they will lose the money irreversibly.

By now, you are likely to have an impression of what Editage looks like and whether it is reliable enough for you to try. With all its pros and cons in mind, we would not advise cooperating with this service since it is too expensive and complex for an inexperienced customer. Therefore, if you just started your search for a suitable writing and editing service and wish to use one for the first time, Editage is not the perfect match for you.

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What is Editage?

Editage is a specific writing service that specializes in editing and translation only. It is aimed at young students, scholars, entrepreneurs and others who would like to develop their writing skills.

Is Editage legit?

Since higher education institutions ban its students from using the help of third parties in conducting any writing assignments, cooperation with services like Editage will be severely punished. Therefore, the service can hardly be considered completely legit in this regard. Yet in terms of individual operation, it’s a legal business.

How much does Editage cost?

The prices on Editage are different and depend on the type of service a customer wishes to order. They are calculated individually and are not posted as a flat-fee price list.

Is Editage scam?

Due to the fact Editage does not disclose the clear price list and asks about your assignment details to calculate the price, we have to say it’s probably a website created by scammers. The absence of customers’ reviews on the platforms like TrustPilot also looks suspicious.

Is Editage safe?

In terms of making payment for the order, Editage is safe since it offers to pay through PayPal and Bank Wire in addition to credit card. The customers should not be worried about their money while paying for Editage services.

Is Editage plagiarism-free?

The platform claims to be plagiarism-free as it even offers authenticity checks per customer’s request. However, to know it for sure, one has to take the risk and make an order.

Are there Editage discounts?

Editage offers discounts on the orders with an extensive number of pages but there is no referral program or a discount for the constant or new customers. There are only different packages of services on the website that vary by price therefore the same services in different combinations can cost more or less.

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