3 October 2018

4 Reasons Why Students Cheat on Essay Writing

by ExpertPaperWriter

Reasons Why Students Cheat on Essay Writing

Looking for a faster, easier, smarter solution has always been an integral part of human nature. This led to our infinite evolution, which day by day goes on. Yet this tendency can also cause a negative outcome. A good example of it are students, desperately trying to cheat on assignments. And it doesn’t actually depend on age. As soon as we enter an educational institution our brain works towards achieving higher grades. While investing less efforts.

So what causes exam and essay cheating? Should we just label those students are criminals, or maybe understand why it happens and try to minimalize the effect. Below you will find out TOP 4 reasons why students cheat.

#1 High goals and demands

Starting from the primary school parents, relatives and even teachers beg for your high grades. They say high grades will take you to a prestigious college. Then they ask for high grades to get a grant to one of the best universities. It’s more likely you have heard this kind of things, rather than them neglecting your grades and asking to focus on real knowledge.

As a result, you find out about essay cheating – a way to please all the parties. Your parents and teachers will be happy with your high grades. Your friends will admire you. You, yourself, will secretly enjoy the free time while someone else is working on your assignment. This is how society makes you addicted to cheating. It is really difficult to resist while everyone around is placing a higher value on the grades, rather than what you actually know. Maybe parents should teach their children from early age that faking assignments is as wrong as alcohol and drugs. They should never demand illusionary knowledge showcased by marks. Instead test their kids on their own to see their educational development uncovered.

#2 Lack of confidence and too much pressure

Some people are born self-confident. Others have to go an extra mile to master this characteristic. Besides that, your lack of confidence could have developed because of not really qualified teachers. For sure you had some of those who publicly humiliated you for occurring mistakes. This is a very typical reason why students cheat.

So, at the end, you start seeking a solution for avoiding embarrassment. As you see, you might have been pushed to essay cheating by your own teacher.

On the other hand, it may be your perfectionism and fear to fail added to lack of confidence in your knowledge. Maybe you missed a few classes or couldn’t dedicate as much time as you would like for preparation. Most of the times, when students feel like they can’t complete the assignment properly, as per their perfectionism, they go for cheating.

#3 Your community

We list the educational environment among the top reasons why students cheat. If you don’t have support neither from your professors, not from mates, you are very close to question if knowledge is really why you are here. Imagine the majority students in the class cheat. Chances are extremely high that any new student entering this environment will also start doing so.

Originally, we feel like bringing in essay written by someone else should be punished. Cheating on exams should be detected and banned. Then once you see, that your teachers don’t care and are actually okay with you cheating. Would you resist any longer? Statistics shows that students are more likely to complete their task unfairly if their micro society doesn’t value them.

We are all human beings, we need acknowledgement of our results. If you get a high grade and see zero appreciation for your hard work, most probably, next time you will find a way to complete the task without so many efforts.

#4 You come to university for a diploma, not knowledge

Besides all the surrounding things which cause essay cheating, there is also a significant reason within us. We are worried what will happen after education. You can’t spend all your life spending the money of your parents. It’s normal to want to get into a prestigious university to land a high-paid job. At the same time, you understand that the potential employer will do the first qualification based on pure facts. Like where did you study. You may be rejected despite all your knowledge, if your diploma is not cool enough. Then at the end, is there anyone appreciating your knowledge? If all the world labels you based on your diploma maybe it makes sense to find an easy way of getting it.

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In our opinion, these are the main reasons why students cheat and fake essays. It’s a personal choice of everyone to decide whether university is something to pass easily and effortlessly. In this case maybe cheating isn’t such a big deal. But it would be great to know that the time saved by essays written by someone else you use for your own development and gaining knowledge.