16 September 2018

Bidding system vs Writer assigned: What is the best fit for you?

by ExpertPaperWriter

Bidding system vs Writer assigned

You are just in the best place now to end your academic tortures. Been overwhelmed for a while with tasks, home works, essays, exams, and felt like there is no finish line? After all, finishing your studies just takes you to an even more complicated life period. People will pay you for what, how, and how much you do. So, if you need a task delegation solution to enjoy your youth now before that happens, an essay writing service might be a good match.

Below we will clarify what is a bidding system and a writer assigned platform and how can it help you to overcome your studies with excellent marks. Besides that, we will also compare these two types. And then, the choice is up to you whether you want to continue the struggle on your own or have a reliable helper by your side.

What is a Bidding system?

The strategy of this kind of platforms is to let you choose your preferred author in your way. Once you describe in detail what would you like them to do, there will be several (or many) candidates bidding on your request. Thus, you have the power to choose from a large pool of essay writers. You can compare their qualifications one by one, do a comparison and see if their price matches to their expertise.

Pros of a Bidding system:

  • Chances are higher to get a decent essay for a lower price. The reason is clear – competition between hundreds or thousands of authors on the platform makes them lower their price ranges. Actually, don’t be surprised that a very experienced writer will offer you their services at a fraction of its’ real cost.
  • You can negotiate the price. When working with a bidding system the price totally depends on the candidate. This allows you to chat before making an agreement and trying to get a discount. Especially this works out when you are a returning customer and he or she is sure you bring a lot of business.

Of course, task delegation to a bidding platform has its’ disadvantages as well. For example, selecting the candidate by yourself its’ great, but are you sure you have enough time to check out the profiles of each bid? To do a valuable comparison of candidates you need to spend significant time. Far not everyone can afford that. And besides that, you have to keep in mind that the responsibility for an unsuccessful essay moves a lot to you, from the company. You were the one who chose the wrong candidate. Bidding platform are also more likely to say no when it comes to revisions.

What is a writer assigned platform?

On the contrary to the previous type of task delegation, here everything seems to be easier. You select what type of writing you want, length, deadline and expertise of writer. Which is obviously a standard or TOP writer. Other than that, there is not much you can do. The company will select the best match according to the description of your assignment. Because it’s their responsibility, they must be interested in you having the most suitable candidate. Achieving the best results with your essay creates their reputation.

Pros of a writer assigned platform:

  • Since the company is putting their reputation on the stake, they will ensure you got the most qualified author for your task.
  • It’s fast since you really spend a few minutes on describing the assignment and doing the payment.
  • If you liked your writer, you may request him or her for the next task. Obviously, it is subject to availability and the match of skills.

But not everything is as perfect as it seems at a first glance. The writer assigned essay sites tell you in advance their prices. This helps to foresee how much will it cost in total from the first second. But good luck in trying to negotiate! While task delegation to a bidding platform can turn out to be a lottery ticket win, here you really have to pay a lot for their TOP writers.

And after all, we are just humans. If the author was predetermined, ‘given’ by someone else, you would keep feeling that maybe they had someone better than this. So that tiny bit of responsibility and freedom of choice wouldn’t actually hurt.

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We do have an extensive history of task delegation to third parties and would like to give an advice. Sites with writers assigned are good for urgent situations. You may not have the time to select and compare. The only thing you want is to have someone with subject related expertise and fast. While bidding systems will fit those who have the time but aim for highest possible quality. Then you can afford spending hours long on selecting the right candidate for your precious essay.