4 May 2020

Is it legal to use custom writing services

by ExpertPaperWriter

Using a custom writing service to overcome the never ending assignments is very handy. But once you start doing this, there will be one question never leaving your mind in peace. Is it actually legal to use a custom writing service?

You may ask your parents and the definite answer will be no and never buy a custom essay. For them, just as for your teachers, it is an illegal process you should avoid by all the means. Your teachers dream about it being not only illegal, but strictly banned. Then you may go to your friends who actively use custom writing services. On the contrary, they start encouraging you go for it asap. It’s cool, helpful, time-effective. Why would you ever worry if it is a legit custom writing service or not?

The reality is that none of these is right. However, using a custom essay writing service is indeed legal. It all actually depends how you use it.

What are custom writing companies doing?

Most of the people will say they encourage students to cheat. Making it very easy and affordable to avoid studying and getting their grades effortlessly. In reality an essay writing company provides you supplements. This helps in research and preparation of your coursework. They are actually registered as tutoring services. This doesn’t sound illegal, does it? Once you receive your paper from a custom writing service you have pointers on how to proceed with your assignment.

Who would need this kind of help? Most of the students have a part time job to cover their expensive college costs. Others are even married and have children. Some might be helping their parents. It’s also possible that you are trying to complete several degrees at the same time. In all these situations when being overwhelmed by different responsibilities, you need a help of an essay writer. Showing you fast and clearly how to do your term paper so your teachers won’t ask you redo it, is priceless.

Custom writing services are legally allowed to perform the abovementioned activities. On the other hand, another reality comes. Once you receive a perfectly written essay from a professional writer, would you use it as a supplement? Or just directly hand over to your teachers as your own work? This leads us to the ethical point of the question.

Who owns the papers?

Have you ever read the terms and conditions of any legal custom writing service? Then you know that they always retain the ownership rights of the papers. This might make you worried we guess. Yet, any customer service of those companies will ensure that you are only owner of the essay. The reason behind is that ghostwriting is not legal. They may write for you but placing your name on a paper written by someone else is not allowed. Now let’s try to understand what’s going on here:

  • You heard of many celebrities write their autobiographies using ghostwriters and then signing the book as their own written.
  • Have you heard of any ghostwriter claiming that the autobiography of star A is written by him? We bet you haven’t.

The reality is that it is kind of a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ when both parties agree on supporting each other. I pay you, you write for me, I say I wrote it. And that’s it.

Are essay writers make us lazy?

Neither you, nor your teachers or parents can blame a custom writing service for anyone’s laziness. As tutoring companies, they help students to prepare for their coursework, term paper, exam etc.

You, as an individual, are the only one responsible for the amount of time you dedicate to studies. In some cases, students even managed to obtain significant knowledge and develop many important skills. Meanwhile an essay writer was completing their assignments.

In fact, ghostwriters can’t substitute the hard work you have to put in your degree. To succeed academically you still need to study a lot. Even if you use those essays not as supplements, but as ready to submit assignments.

The biggest problem here is how people perceive these companies. Assuming they make students lazy, teach them cheating and easy life is not right. Your attitude towards studies is something very personal, which no one can influence.

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So, to sum up this difficult question. Custom writing companies don’t stand in for students. You are the one placing your name on papers written by them. They just provide you helpful materials to achieve success with your assignments. It is extremely handy for people who have many other responsibilities besides college. The truth is that they operate legally, follow the copywrite and intellectual property laws. The best thing to advice, in case you still have doubts is use their essays as supplements. Then you are really 100% legit. In case you decide to submit an essay written by a third party as your own, at least take the time to implement some changes in it.

13 November 2019

4 tips on how to choose online essay writer

by ExpertPaperWriter

Once you decided to work with an essay writer to complete your assignments, you think that life is going to become effortless and joyful. Now you don’t have to worry if you can manage all the home work, essays, tasks, researches, reviews. You don’t stay up late because of preparing for an essay. It seems like you found the best tool for perfect time management. However, choosing and finding a perfect online essay writer might take much more time than you expected.

The market is full of unfairness. Companies are offering writing from scratch. Instead they are selling you papers writer years ago. They not only have zero relevance but are obviously full of plagiarism. Freelance writers provide papers full of errors and little sense. Trying to get your paper revised or your money refund won’t always work either. So how can you know that this time you will be put in touch with professional essay writers? That your money won’t be wasted, and you don’t have to redo the paper later on your own? Learn from our experience and follow the guideline below. We will teach you how to choose an online essay writer from the first attempt!

#1 Academic background

Many essay writing services claim that all their writers are MA or PhD title holders. It would be great if they were, but we would recommend to double check this every time you have a new writer assigned. A reliable service will allow you to see proofs of their writer’s education. This is the only way you can ensure in the following important details:

  • Your essay writer has a degree related to your field of studies.
  • He or she has decent English knowledge.
  • The writer has passed courses on academic writing and is a professional in this field.

If the custom writing service refuses to show these proves they are most likely to be working with low-quality writers.

#2 Hands on experience

Your online essay writer might have an MA in your field. But it’s been many years and the person haven’t done anything related to this subject for ages. Search for an author with hands on experience. A good writer either works or worked as a teacher in college or university. Another situation that they actually work within your area of expertise and do essay writing as a part time job.

An essay writer like this will pay close attention to your detailed request. So he will be able to provide strong sources, facts and events within the paper. On the other hand, some young, amateur authors might be great in writing, but have little real-life knowledge.

#3 Don’t forget about samples

If all the above criteria are met, it still might not be enough to get a successful essay. They might be great in composing, have a lot of academic knowledge and experience in the field. But what if you simply don’t like their writing style? Or even worse, the style differs from your so much, that your teacher will detect a bought paper immediately.

Reviewing sample works of your potential writer is a great help in this situation. It will not only help you to make up your mind, but also prove that he or she has a solid portfolio and experience in being an essay writer online. If the candidate rejects to show samples, most probably, they don’t exist.

#4 What are your rights when buying a paper online?

You can talk endless about consumer rights to a disreputable writer. Your rights after the essay is done and you have paid purely depend on where you made the deal. If, for example, it was a freelance writer, there is very little you can do. Would you go to the court for 30 $? Not likely. A freelancer has all the power to disappear from the horizon as soon as you complain about plagiarism, want a revision or a refund.

A much better idea for finding a decent essay writer online is working with an custom writing service. The company is a legal entity and is responsible for whatever their staff completes. First of all, a writer working for a custom writing service is afraid to lose the job. Second, once your hired freelancer fails to meet your requirements the company keeps responsibility. They have to provide refunds, revisions etc. For them losing their reputation costs more than refunding your money.

This being said, let’s sum up the most important things one should keep in mind when selecting a writer.

  • The person should provide proves of education.
  • The custom writer must be able either a certified ESL or a native speaker.
  • Have proven experience in your area of expertise.
  • Showcase samples or portfolio of previous works.
  • Work for a custom writing service, not as an individual freelancer.

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We hope that this guideline helps you choose the right person to write extraordinary papers for you.

30 September 2019

Freelance Writers VS Professional Paper Writing Service

by ExpertPaperWriter

You are trying to get done with school, facing assignments which have very little practical use in your future career. Most probably, you will never have to write anything similar in your entire life. So why would you struggle so much if the precious time could be used smarter? There are politicians, VPs, heads of corporations who use other professionals to write their speech. Did they ever say that it’s written by someone else? Not at all. So, you shouldn’t worry about this part either. What is serious here is deciding on with whom to partner in this battle. Should it be a professional paper writing service, an individual freelancer or just a friend who is keen on writing?

Below we will discuss all the pros and cons of using any of these parties for your academic writing needs. Pay attention and see what suits you the best.

Hiring a freelance writer

When thinking of a paper writing pro you imagine a freelancer who works from a coffee shop. He skillfully completes your most complex essays. It might be a good idea to hire a freelancer. You know his or her name, you think it makes the process less stressful. There is one single person holding responsibility for your assignment. So, what could go wrong? Obviously, there are many pros and cons of working with a freelance writer.


  • It is a great idea to partner with a freelancer in case you know the person for a while and have trust in each other. You will be dealing with the writer direct, so ensure you get along well.
  • A freelancer will cost you less. He or she doesn’t have to spend money on running a whole company, separate the income between other team members. It’s a one person business, and that’s it.


  • In case you don’t know each other personally, you might get into trouble. Lack of responsibility of such a one person company might lead to missed deadlines or papers full of mistakes. After all, the individual can be too emotional. Maybe you pissed him off, and now as a revenge you won’t get your paper?
  • No one hired this freelancer. So, there is no one who did an examination before letting your freelancer providing professional writing service. The academic background, experience, portfolio are key parts of this examination. You aren’t a hiring manager to be able to check all this before giving a job to him.
  • Since it’s only one person working on your request there is no editor and proofreader who would polish your essay after it’s completed.
  • In case an emergency happens, the freelance writer will just say ‘sorry, it was an emergency’. As a result, you will miss your deadline and have troubles at school.
  • Freelancers have a lot of things to cope with besides your order. They are actually running their company on their own, deal with paperwork and marketing. They create and administrate their website, communicate with the clients and much more. Being this overwhelmed can affect the final quality of your essay.

Working with a professional paper writing service

Now imagine there is a hundred, or maybe even a thousand of people being responsible for your essay. How beneficial is that?


  • An agency who has years of experience in the industry has a very well-structured workflow when it comes to any essay order. They know the best sources for research, the formatting, what writing style to use etc.

Besides that, a writer is accompanied by an editor and a proofreader to polish your task.

  • They are responsible for assigning the most suitable author to your paper. And they can afford selecting! Having a few hundreds of writers in their team it’s more likely for them to find a perfect one, rather than you searching among freelancers.
  • To work for a paper writing agency, candidates go through various testing. They not only check their English, academic background and experience. It goes as far as monitoring the way writers communicate with customers.
  • You have a mediator between you and the writer. This brings a lot of peace of mind in case something goes wrong. An emergency happened, and you can’t reach out to the writer? You contact their customer service and issue is solved, you have a new one assigned immediately.


  • The only bad thing about working with a paper writing service is that there are many scam companies around. But this can be handled if you take the issue seriously and do some research before finding a decent service.

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To sum up, it seems like hiring a paper writing service makes much more sense, both for you, and for writers. You have the security, terms and conditions of a legal company which is responsible for a high-quality completion of your order. Writers working for such services have more time to spend on their prior responsibilities – creating content. Both you and the writer avoid all hustles by having such an intermediator in between.

3 October 2018

4 Reasons Why Students Cheat on Essay Writing

by ExpertPaperWriter

Looking for a faster, easier, smarter solution has always been an integral part of human nature. This led to our infinite evolution, which day by day goes on. Yet this tendency can also cause a negative outcome. A good example of it are students, desperately trying to cheat on assignments. And it doesn’t actually depend on age. As soon as we enter an educational institution our brain works towards achieving higher grades. While investing less efforts.

So what causes exam and essay cheating? Should we just label those students are criminals, or maybe understand why it happens and try to minimalize the effect. Below you will find out TOP 4 reasons why students cheat.

#1 High goals and demands

Starting from the primary school parents, relatives and even teachers beg for your high grades. They say high grades will take you to a prestigious college. Then they ask for high grades to get a grant to one of the best universities. It’s more likely you have heard this kind of things, rather than them neglecting your grades and asking to focus on real knowledge.

As a result, you find out about essay cheating – a way to please all the parties. Your parents and teachers will be happy with your high grades. Your friends will admire you. You, yourself, will secretly enjoy the free time while someone else is working on your assignment. This is how society makes you addicted to cheating. It is really difficult to resist while everyone around is placing a higher value on the grades, rather than what you actually know. Maybe parents should teach their children from early age that faking assignments is as wrong as alcohol and drugs. They should never demand illusionary knowledge showcased by marks. Instead test their kids on their own to see their educational development uncovered.

#2 Lack of confidence and too much pressure

Some people are born self-confident. Others have to go an extra mile to master this characteristic. Besides that, your lack of confidence could have developed because of not really qualified teachers. For sure you had some of those who publicly humiliated you for occurring mistakes. This is a very typical reason why students cheat.

So, at the end, you start seeking a solution for avoiding embarrassment. As you see, you might have been pushed to essay cheating by your own teacher.

On the other hand, it may be your perfectionism and fear to fail added to lack of confidence in your knowledge. Maybe you missed a few classes or couldn’t dedicate as much time as you would like for preparation. Most of the times, when students feel like they can’t complete the assignment properly, as per their perfectionism, they go for cheating.

#3 Your community

We list the educational environment among the top reasons why students cheat. If you don’t have support neither from your professors, not from mates, you are very close to question if knowledge is really why you are here. Imagine the majority students in the class cheat. Chances are extremely high that any new student entering this environment will also start doing so.

Originally, we feel like bringing in essay written by someone else should be punished. Cheating on exams should be detected and banned. Then once you see, that your teachers don’t care and are actually okay with you cheating. Would you resist any longer? Statistics shows that students are more likely to complete their task unfairly if their micro society doesn’t value them.

We are all human beings, we need acknowledgement of our results. If you get a high grade and see zero appreciation for your hard work, most probably, next time you will find a way to complete the task without so many efforts.

#4 You come to university for a diploma, not knowledge

Besides all the surrounding things which cause essay cheating, there is also a significant reason within us. We are worried what will happen after education. You can’t spend all your life spending the money of your parents. It’s normal to want to get into a prestigious university to land a high-paid job. At the same time, you understand that the potential employer will do the first qualification based on pure facts. Like where did you study. You may be rejected despite all your knowledge, if your diploma is not cool enough. Then at the end, is there anyone appreciating your knowledge? If all the world labels you based on your diploma maybe it makes sense to find an easy way of getting it.

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In our opinion, these are the main reasons why students cheat and fake essays. It’s a personal choice of everyone to decide whether university is something to pass easily and effortlessly. In this case maybe cheating isn’t such a big deal. But it would be great to know that the time saved by essays written by someone else you use for your own development and gaining knowledge.

16 September 2018

Bidding system vs Writer assigned: What is the best fit for you?

by ExpertPaperWriter

You are just in the best place now to end your academic tortures. Been overwhelmed for a while with tasks, home works, essays, exams, and felt like there is no finish line? After all, finishing your studies just takes you to an even more complicated life period. People will pay you for what, how, and how much you do. So, if you need a task delegation solution to enjoy your youth now before that happens, an essay writing service might be a good match.

Below we will clarify what is a bidding system and a writer assigned platform and how can it help you to overcome your studies with excellent marks. Besides that, we will also compare these two types. And then, the choice is up to you whether you want to continue the struggle on your own or have a reliable helper by your side.

What is a Bidding system?

The strategy of this kind of platforms is to let you choose your preferred author in your way. Once you describe in detail what would you like them to do, there will be several (or many) candidates bidding on your request. Thus, you have the power to choose from a large pool of essay writers. You can compare their qualifications one by one, do a comparison and see if their price matches to their expertise.

Pros of a Bidding system:

  • Chances are higher to get a decent essay for a lower price. The reason is clear – competition between hundreds or thousands of authors on the platform makes them lower their price ranges. Actually, don’t be surprised that a very experienced writer will offer you their services at a fraction of its’ real cost.
  • You can negotiate the price. When working with a bidding system the price totally depends on the candidate. This allows you to chat before making an agreement and trying to get a discount. Especially this works out when you are a returning customer and he or she is sure you bring a lot of business.

Of course, task delegation to a bidding platform has its’ disadvantages as well. For example, selecting the candidate by yourself its’ great, but are you sure you have enough time to check out the profiles of each bid? To do a valuable comparison of candidates you need to spend significant time. Far not everyone can afford that. And besides that, you have to keep in mind that the responsibility for an unsuccessful essay moves a lot to you, from the company. You were the one who chose the wrong candidate. Bidding platform are also more likely to say no when it comes to revisions.

What is a writer assigned platform?

On the contrary to the previous type of task delegation, here everything seems to be easier. You select what type of writing you want, length, deadline and expertise of writer. Which is obviously a standard or TOP writer. Other than that, there is not much you can do. The company will select the best match according to the description of your assignment. Because it’s their responsibility, they must be interested in you having the most suitable candidate. Achieving the best results with your essay creates their reputation.

Pros of a writer assigned platform:

  • Since the company is putting their reputation on the stake, they will ensure you got the most qualified author for your task.
  • It’s fast since you really spend a few minutes on describing the assignment and doing the payment.
  • If you liked your writer, you may request him or her for the next task. Obviously, it is subject to availability and the match of skills.

But not everything is as perfect as it seems at a first glance. The writer assigned essay sites tell you in advance their prices. This helps to foresee how much will it cost in total from the first second. But good luck in trying to negotiate! While task delegation to a bidding platform can turn out to be a lottery ticket win, here you really have to pay a lot for their TOP writers.

And after all, we are just humans. If the author was predetermined, ‘given’ by someone else, you would keep feeling that maybe they had someone better than this. So that tiny bit of responsibility and freedom of choice wouldn’t actually hurt.

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We do have an extensive history of task delegation to third parties and would like to give an advice. Sites with writers assigned are good for urgent situations. You may not have the time to select and compare. The only thing you want is to have someone with subject related expertise and fast. While bidding systems will fit those who have the time but aim for highest possible quality. Then you can afford spending hours long on selecting the right candidate for your precious essay.

5 August 2018

Choosing the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service

by ExpertPaperWriter

A bidding essay writing service aims to cover your academic needs with their large pool of freelance writers. There is almost no one in between you and their writers – you set the requirements, they offer their prices. Even more you can negotiate their rates and only after accepting a bid. The great advantage of this system is that high competition among the writers allows you to get a better candidate for a lower price. But let’s see all the details you need to know before placing an order on a bidding platform.

How does a bidding system work?

The process is very straightforward but can get too time-consuming for some students. Remember there is no middleman between you and all the pool of candidates. This means that you are acting as a hiring manager and have to spend the time on choosing the right person. Checking out profiles, testimonials, previous experience and completed orders. All these are included in your basic check list. We described the workflow below to avoid unpleasant surprises in the very beginning of your collaboration. So expect the following from a bidding essay writing service:

  • First of all, you place an order. Here you must describe all the details provided by your professor. Add info about your academic level and format requested by your college. If needed you may even attach files with complimentary information and even samples of your own writing. This will come handy for the writer to imitate the style.
  • Within a few hours you will have more than enough bids to choose a suitable writer from. Check out each profile or start by filtering their offered prices to fit your budget.
  • Once you chose a writer and had a chat, deposit the money to you account within this platform. The money will be released to the writer only after you approve the assignment completion.
  • You will get a notification once your essay is done. First check it out on the platform and in case revision is needed request it directly there, without downloading. Once you download a paper it gets approved automatically.

Tips on finding the best bidding essay writing service

Now, once you know what’s going to happen throughout the whole process of getting your paper, we can teach you how to choose a decent service. Below a few tips on how not to get fooled:

  • Be patient. Bids will start coming even in a second after you placed an order. You may be surprised how some candidates already managed to go through your long description. Unfortunately, some people just bid in blind and then once you respond they actually read your requirements. Don’t waste your time checking out the platform every minute to see the bids. Leave it a few hours so decent writers will have time to bid as well.
  • Once in a while you’ll spot a company which tries to impress by enormous quantity of writers online, and, generally, by how large their team is. In case in a few hours after you place your order, you keep getting inappropriate bids, go for another platform. Are bids from writers without suitable experience, knowledge in your field of studies are the majority you get? Then most probably it’s a scam website hoping for students accept bids without long questioning and researching.
  • A trustworthy bidding website will always allow you to go through samples of previous orders each writer completed. This shouldn’t be a full document, just some extracts. Otherwise, it would be against the right of the person who ordered these papers. But besides this feature there is actually very little possibility to select a candidate. If you can’t check out their works, then what kind of freedom of choice is that?
  • The one to one chat option must be available during the process of selection. Right after a writer bid on your order you should have the possibility to discuss details. If a platform requires you first to accept an order, and then chat, this might be a sign of scam. Another important thing is that you would like to negotiate the price. And again, this can be done only if the chat is open.
  • Continuing the previous point, pay attention to how eager are candidates to talk. They are not too talkative now, not willing to explain about themselves at the stage of selection. Will they ever respond to you after you accept their bid? Obviously, they’ll complete the order, but don’t expect to make adjustments along the way.

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These are the most important criteria to test a bidding essay writing service. If you follow our instructions you may avoid getting into a trap of a scam service, save your money and get your paper done by real experts!

30 July 2018

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud When Choosing a Paper Writing Service

by ExpertPaperWriter

It seems so easy to get your essay done via an academic writing platform. You place an order, pay an affordable price. And soon a notification about your essay been done appears in your mailbox. All this seems like a wonderland where everyone is fair and wants to help each other. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. Chances are higher that you spot a fraud paper writing service rather than a decent essay writers’ team. For this reason, you have to be well-prepared before transferring that amount to their account.

There is a high risk you will lose your money, won’t get your essay and fail at college. Or even in case you will receive your paper its’ quality is very questionable. And even more, maybe in a few months they will resell your essay to someone else. Do you really want to get into this trouble? We don’t think so. That’s why we have prepared a few tips on how to avoid a fake paper writing service.

Legal address

A fraudulent paper writing service usually doesn’t post their legal address on their website. In other cases, they may use a fake postal address with well known locations. If the service positions itself as a UK essay writing platform they will choose a fake London address. If they try to target US market, it will be for sure New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

A tip to decide whether they are fake or not. Search for the address in google maps. If it takes you somewhere in the middle of nowhere, most probably you just spotted a fake paper writing service.

A fake company will have many fake ‘departments’

Most of these fraudulent companies come from Eastern Europe and Asia. So they tend to feel like the abundance of departments will make them look serious. For example, you may spot the following, popular ‘department’ names:

  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Billing Department
  • Human Resources Department

A fraud paper writing service will always describe functions of these departments. And make it sound with high importance. Your revision request will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Department. Your payment confirmation and invoice will be sent by the Billing Department. Our writers go through tough recruitment process with the Human Resources Department. If you spotted one of these, be sure you are dealing with a fake company.

Clone websites

Searching for a company to get your essay done and checking out various platforms? Having a feeling of ‘deja vu’ at some of them? Fake companies own many essay writing platforms. They created a hundred of domains with different names but similar or completely identical content. The design might differ or be very similar – it depends on their efforts to blind you. What is fake here, you’d ask? Well, this only means that you try out essay platform A and dislike it. Then you will go for essay platform B and have the same experience. In fact, both requests of yours went into the same pool of writers working for a dozen of similar websites. So, no matter, how many times you try if you just go from one of their websites to another.

100% satisfied review

You perfectly know that different people tend to like or dislike exactly the same things. A fraud paper writing service also knows that. Their positive reviews will chase you through all their website and beyond.  All these to blind you and give the first impression of a very successful platform.

Talking about beyond. We are used to see companies posting only positive reviews on their own websites. That’s half a trouble. But once you go beyond, to third party websites, you shouldn’t see only 5 stars again. This only means that the company actually owns a review platform or many to spread fake reviews.

Look for a website with realistic opinions. It’s okay if people were asking for revisions or sometimes mention a writer was delayed. That’s real life, things like that can happen. What is impossible is that everything went perfect with their 1M customers.

Freelancers or employees

It’s well known that academic paper platforms work with freelancers to reduce costs. This way they don’t pay taxes, social security and all other things which they would if had employees. And we are totally okay with that, since all of us need affordable priced essays. But then there is a company claims they employ a thousand of writers and offers essays at 5 $ per page. Be sure it’s a scam service. Do your calculations don’t be blinded by something which seems to be to good to be true.

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These are the main and easiest ways to detect an academic writing scam. It is not difficult to find a decent paper writing platform if you do your research. Just don’t place an order in 2 minutes after entering an unknown website and you’ll be fine.

10 July 2018

3 tools to check the quality of the paper delivered by a writing service

by ExpertPaperWriter

There is a wave of excitement when you receive your essay written by a freelancer or a writing service for the first time. It means, you tried it, and it worked out. There was no scam, no delayed delivery, and the essay seems to be well-formatted and even nice to read. But never forget to check your paper for plagiarism! If you don’t do it, your teacher will for sure. So better face the reality on your own and have time for a plan B.

The essay industry is booming, there are more and more new companies appearing on the market daily. They all promise 100% unique papers, only native English-speaking writers. And, of course, all with higher education and hands-on experience. But let’s be realistic. There are not enough experts in paper writing industry to fulfill all the vacant roles in those daily appearing companies. Unfortunately, sometimes, some companies are much less reliable then they position themselves. There are students receiving plagiarized papers. There are those who can’t understand a single sentence of a freshly bought paper, that badly it’s written.

There is no guarantee whether you end up being the lucky one or the victim. Well, you can do your research well and work only with reliable essay writing companies. But better to check twice, than regret once. Find out below, how to check if your essay is plagiarized.

#1 Plagiarism checkers

The best answer here is to ask your writer to use a plagiarism checker and just send you a report once the essay is done. This way you will:

  • Show your writer that it is not so easy to fool you. Since you are going to review the quality of the completed work.
  • Save money on using a paid software. It is well-known that free plagiarism checkers are not that reliable. Some of them may save your paper in their own database and then resell it further. That’s how they afford to be free. On the other hand, buying a subscription to a paid tool to check your essay for plagiarism might not be the best solution if you are going to use it only once.

Usually, if you ordered your paper from a trustworthy custom writing platform they check your essay for plagiarism by default. At the end you would get a report for no extra cost. Some others offer it as an extra service and you can purchase it if the software they are using is reliable. For your knowledge here are a few high-class tools to check your paper for plagiarism:

  • Copyscape Premium – no free version, but in case of daily usage it is worth purchasing their license.
  • Grammarly Premium – one of the most common tools used by freelancers as a plagiarism checker.
  • PlagiarismSearch – another popular paid tool.
  • PlagScan – detects even the text that was altered and shows links to similar content.

#2 Check your paper with Google

Most of the times your paper will have a page with sources cited throughout the essay. Having no page with this kind of sources is already a red flag. Most of essays ordered online are related to various academic fields of studies, so there is no way one can avoid citing. It might be showing the opposite – the writer just copied sentences or phrases without proper citing. That is the reason of not mentioning them as sources. In this case you have to read through the paper and select separate sentences which make you feel suspicious. If it feels like it’s too scientific and the style differs from the rest of the text copy it in Google. It will take you to the original source in case it’s listed in the web.

#3 Check your paper for grammar errors

You might not be the best proofreader in the world, but that’s not something to be ashamed of. After all that’s why you hired a professional writer. Even if you ask your friend to go through the paper and you do trust his or her eyes, it’s still good to use a software afterwards.

So a few grammar checkers below to save you from proofreading your text a thousand and one times.

  • Ginger Software
  • Grammarly (as mentioned above it also has a plagiarism checker included in the Premium version)
  • ProWritingAid

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All the abovementioned tools provide suggestions once encountering errors in your text. Be careful to turn off the autocorrection they do. Regardless how sophisticated tool you use it still can not understand the usage of that specific word in a sentence or a phrase. The software also makes mistakes. So, either check it carefully using a software and your own knowledge or hire an editor to double check your paper. By the way, trustworthy paper writing companies offer editing and proofreading as extra services as well.

29 June 2018

How to stick to the deadlines by delegating time-consuming tasks

by ExpertPaperWriter

Deadlines and responsibilities are the right signs to say you stepped into the real adult life. Basically, there is no way you could say: ‘Sorry’, ‘I didn’t have time’, ‘I was busy with something else’ etc. Especially it’s difficult to get used to it in college. No one warned you things will go this hectic. The teachers are not only giving enormous quantity of tasks, but they all want them to be completed yesterday.

The online way one can cope with deadlines and earn a reputation of someone who respects target dates is task delegation. You should outsource things you are not good at or not having time for. In case you don’t take the courage and learn delegate tasks you will end up in stress and burnout. Despite your brilliant effective-planning skills you can’t make the day longer than 24 hours.

Why are we afraid of task delegation?

It’s always a choice in front of you. Either you learn trusting someone and accept their results, or you stop living and do it all by yourself. Well, both options are quite dramatic let’s say. In the second case, whether you can’t delegate tasks you exclude the following things from your life:

  • Friendship
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Time for yourself
  • Development of new skills
  • Travelling

And many more. If it’s clearly bad, then what stops people around the world from starting task delegation today:

  • It’s hard to let it go and trust part of your responsibilities someone else.
  • That person might make a mistake which you wouldn’t.
  • Maybe it won’t be as perfect as in case you did the job.
  • You will spend a lot of efforts on explaining how to complete the task.

Students who learnt task delegation are more successful than the ones who did it all on their own

A perfect example of task delegation is the essay writing world. You may say buying papers online is for lazy students. In fact, our experience shows that the students who learnt to delegate tasks at college by ordering papers are more successful in life. Let’s see below why:

  • In adult life no one will ask whether you did the task on your own or outsourced it to someone else. Your boss will be interested only in the result.
  • You obtain basic management skills by learning how to explain others how you want this essay to be completed. Perhaps, learning to express your vision is even more precious skill than knowing how to write a college essay.
  • Understanding that the world will not stop existing if not you, but someone else will do the job. Yes, it will be done in a different way, but who said it’s right only in your way?

Benefits of delegating tasks to others

Once mastered task delegation, you free up time for things which you do the best. Immediately you become more efficient in what you do. There is basically nothing that disturbs your mind, as it was with too consuming tasks. All of a sudden, you just do what you are the best at. There is no need to learn extra things just to complete a single assignment. At the same time, you allow the ones who already have these skills to show them and earn money.

In fact, even if the people who you assigned to complete your job will do it differently, they might be more experts in it than you. Or just because they are not overwhelmed by other responsibilities, the result will be much better, than you could ever imagine.

How to delegate tasks in a right way?

First of all, don’t call the time you spend on explaining the task as wasted. A bit of time spent on explaining what you want as a final result and you can go and be busy with more important things.

Secondly, don’t feel guilty for not completing your job all alone. Whether it’s a business plan, or a college essay, who told you have to do it all yourself? It’s very normal to ask for help when there is too much to handle.

But, perhaps, the most important thing is to be precise when describing the person you hired what are your expectations. If you explain what the final outcome should be you will highlight the importance of the job, and ensure you set the rules. When you don’t include the requirements in your original request even custom writing services don’t accept your complaints. Don’t you know that?

Before all these, understand your strength. If you are a highly technical person, don’t set high expectations for being a good proofreader and editor for your papers as well. Do what you are best at, and let the other things be done by professionals. And regardless how much of your responsibilities you outsource, don’t forget to control your ‘helpers’. Progress reports guarantee that you will not face a disappointment at the end and have enough time to correct errors as soon as they occur.

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27 June 2018

3 reasons why essay writing industry thrives

by ExpertPaperWriter

There are many ethical discussions behind the essay writing industry. They all come to a conclusion that such companies facilitate cheating and raise generations of lazy graduates. Yet, all an essay writing service does is creating a piece of work based on a student’s request for money. Do you blame the hardware shop which sold a steak knife to a person, who actually used it for murder not for cooking? Well, that is why the essay industry is thriving more than ever. There are less and less financial concerns preventing scholars from buying an essay.

How many students use essay writing help?

Imagine you enter a classroom and ask the grads directly who among them ever used a third party to complete their assignment. How many hands would you expect to see? Out of 30 people 21 used essay writing at least once during their studies. Impressive? Isn’t it an obvious explanation to why the industry is booming? A bit more of statistics:

  • Students pay anything between 20 $ to 6200 $ per a single essay order.
  • The main subjects for essays are Management, Nursing, History and English.
  • Essay writing help is more popular among Undergraduate, High school and Master’s students.
  • Far not all the learners hire writers to complete their whole paper. Most of the times they order a part of an essay which they struggle with or go for editing and proofreading services.
  • 70% of undergraduates contacting an essay writing agency are ESL. They are foreigners studying either in US or in UK and have very little understanding of what does their professor wants them to do.

Reason #1 – International students

The key factor to increasing demand are international students. Comparing to local students they have less chances to succeed and more things to lose. Most of the times foreigners are not familiar with UK or US style of lectures. And since English is not their native language, it becomes very difficult to follow things happening around. This doesn’t mean that they have no knowledge within the subject. To the contrary, usually they are highly academic. But composing an essay in your native language and then translating it to English won’t bring much success.
What foreign scholars do is that they contact an essay writing company with professional writers. Once the essay is ready they can go through it carefully and understand the subject better. That’s how you learn to write well and also master the academic subject.

Reason #2 – Rise in tuition fees

Since 2012 students have to pay much more in case they want to have a university present in their CV. Obviously, the more prestigious is the institution the more you have to pay. The first effect of this is that more and more pupils are likely to take a part time job to cover tuition costs. Finding time for composing papers becomes difficult. Considering scholars are overwhelmed by this new responsibility. This is when they seek for essay writing help for the first time.
Besides that, when paying more for tuition, staying for the second year or graduating with low grades becomes more painful. Once you found the money for a university with a name you have to ensure it wasn’t wasted for nothing. Otherwise you’ll end up paying your student loan for the next 25 years with tears in your eyes.

Reason #3 – Higher risks

Students have more to lose according to the first two reasons. So, questioning ‘what if I fail’ becomes more and more common. An essay writing service appears in this scenario as a good fairy ready to support. If they are about to repeat a year the amount is going to increase. Not everyone counted on these extra costs in the beginning. Talking about international students they might have visa issues in case of staying for an extra year. Or just not being able to stay if the visa is not approved. Again, we come back to how much you lose? Would you take the risk of writing your essay on your own if your money, visa and degree is at the stake?

Many grads still decide to go risk-free and contact an essay writing service for help. Even though they feel they understand the material very well. First of all, if you are self-confident you have no need to prove your competence to someone else. Then, besides that you might never need well mastered essay writing skills in your future profession.

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The custom paper writing industry is booming. There are some fair companies which will write a professional essay from scratch for you. On the other hand, all these companies emphasize that the papers are for guidance. At no circumstances they should be passed off as own works. Unfortunately, such a promising business is at high danger because grads don’t use it properly. So, may we come to a conclusion, that a helpful service is just misused by the ones who should benefit from it?

25 June 2018

How to find yourself a professional and a legal paper writer

by ExpertPaperWriter

The academic writing industry is in its’ prime right now, offering to take care of your papers for you quick and cheap. For sure you’ll find hundreds of thousands of college paper writers for hire within the first 5 minutes of search. It’s just about you being interested in purchasing a paper. There is only one problem. The more services there are out there, the more chances for you to be left without money. You’ll be looking at a poorly-written essay and questioning the choices you’ve made.

This leads us to the big question: can you rely on an online paper writer you don’t even know, and trust them with your grade? No, of course, you can’t. The truth is, not all of college paper writers are worth your trust and only a few of them are worth your money. That is why at Expertpaperwriter.com we’ve come up with some tips on how to find yourself a professional and a legal paper writer.

3 Basic Rules for Choosing a Paper Writer of Your Dreams

  • Never go for an Individual Writer. These are not to be confused with freelancers collaborating with a college paper writing service. Individual writers are active on social media and forums. They are offering their custom paper writer service at an attractive low cost. Most of the times this is not a source of main income for them. That is why they won’t take your assignment too seriously and may leave you at the deadline with no or very poorly written paper.
  • Always Do a Qualification Check. Obviously, a level of qualification of the academic writer you choose will have the major impact on the quality of your final paper, or a lack of it. That’s why you should never neglect this rule and always check on the information that writing service provides on their paper writers for hire.
  • Communication Is the Key. Keeping an open line of communication between you and your academic writer is crucial for a successful academic paper. We can’t stress enough how important this is. That’s why you should always keep an eye on the level of customer service when choosing a writing company.

More details and tips on these below.

Why an Individual freelancer is not the most professional college paper writer?

A lot of online paper writers work from home, and it doesn’t affect their skills in any way. We are talking about a very specific kind of academic writer – the individual one that does not work for any agency.

Since academic writing became so popular, these people think of it as a convenient and easy part-time job for them. They often can be found on social networks or forums, trying to persuade you that they are highly professional and the best ones for you. Many individuals also offer the lowest prices on the market, as their income is not really dependent on writing. Ironically, that is the very reason why they hardly take it seriously and can change their mind and decide to drop the essay any moment.

Moreover, if an essay paper writer does not work for any writing service, you have no actual guarantees on the quality of their work whatsoever. How do you know if their research will be original and plagiarism-free? How do you make them stick to the deadlines? Will they even write you an essay or just take your money and disappear since there is nobody to stop them? This is the Internet, after all, and you can’t believe everybody on the web. That’s why try to stick to the big writing services, as they provide real guarantees and have a high level of control over their online paper writers.

How to qualify a decent paper writer website?

The list of the most basic info a writing agency should give you on their college paper writers is not that big. Does the writer have a degree and if so, then which field exactly is it in? After all, it would be no use for you to order a chemistry research from a professional writer with Ph.D. in literature, right? If English isn’t your native language, will the writer be able to match your writing style? Your teachers and professors are not clueless, and we don’t want you to get in trouble here. So, if English is your second language, you’d better find a paper writer that will imitate a few mistakes that you would probably make.

There is one more little trick to it, as well. If you need to ensure the maximum quality work – choose a service that is not limited to simple essay writing. In fact, an ideal candidate should specialize not only in research paper writing service. But also in other high-level writing assignments. Wait, why would I need a term paper writing service if all I want is a simple essay you ask? Well, as you know, term papers require conducting some major research and have a complicated structure. As professional term paper writers are capable of meeting such strict requirements. So they are the very best at academic writing and will make sure to provide you with an A+ paper timely.

Talk before ordering. How to check the communication channels of a college paper writer service?

Any decent customer support works 24/7, and that should go without saying. Make sure also to check which channels of communication they are using for customer support. There should be at least two, so you can choose which one is the most preferable to you. It’s often great if a company supports instant messaging or live chat, as they tend to be the two quickest and easiest ways of communication.

The best writing services also ensure a direct contact between an academic paper writer and a client. This will be undeniably useful for both of you. A few strong reasons why:

  • First of all, the ability to talk to your essay writer directly will give you more control over the writing process. It will also help you avoid common misunderstandings even in the early stages of the project.
  • Secondly, this way you’ll be quick to inform them if something needs to be changed or if your professor needs any additional info during the process.
  • Lastly, it’s not only about you controlling the writing process. When doing an especially complicated research or a term paper, writer should be able to contact you as well so you can sort everything out! Using a third party would be inefficient in this situation and would certainly take longer than it should. That’s why it’s better to aim for the services that allow you to communicate with your term paper writer directly. So together you’ll be able to produce the best paper possible.

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So, these are your three basic rules for finding yourself the best college paper writer for hire! First, choose a writing agency based on a paper writing service review of our favourite platforms. Then do a qualification check and aim for direct communication with your online paper writer. You’ll never have problems with your essays again!