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Chief Editor
William Hill
When I was a sophomore at one of the New England colleges, I started to notice that the cost of my living and other expenditures left me with no possibility to stay without at least a part-time job. Although I did not have to pay for my tuition as I was granted a scholarship, housing and dining still needed to be paid for to make me proceed with my studies. That’s how I started to look for the job. After searching and applying for several positions on campus, I came to know that there is no such job that I would receive a good remuneration for. Then, my research went online, and finally, I found what I was looking for. However, it was more than a part-time job, so I needed to delegate some part of my homework to someone to be able to continue working and studying at the same time. That’s how I started using custom writing services. I ordered short essays, some coursework, and lab reports. I did not risk to order my term papers or extensive projects as the quality that online writers had offered was not always brilliant. A few times I even became a victim of frauds. That was the moment I thought that this business needs better quality and new solutions. During my senior year, I cooperated with my friends who were website developers to create the best writing platform out there. We aimed at providing the most high-quality service at a reasonable price, and now you can see the ongoing results of our work. We are constantly working towards removing any issues on our way to deliver the orders of our customers and are testing new approaches to our processes. All our activities are direсted on creating the service we wanted to have when we were students. Now you can try it out and make sure it’s convenient and high-quality.


Our service was designed to be the answer to the students’ questions on how to get the enormous amounts of homework done and stay socially active, participate in extracurricular activities and volunteering initiatives, and do sports to stay healthy. That is why we made it quick and easy to use. 

We also understand that essay writing cannot be expensive since students are one of the neediest groups of young people all over the world. They have to study a lot but also support themselves as not all parents can keep on giving out the money to grown-up children. That was the reason why our service contained the comparison of the price lists of different writing companies. 

What we do is help students like you to get your writing assignments done without jeopardizing other spheres of your life. This is how it works: you delegate a task to the writers, and they complete it for you in the agreed deadline. You can try ordering a paper from any part of the world – just choose the right platform for it. Our top services include ExtraEssay, HandmadeWriting, EssayUSA, Essayroo and UKEssays. EssayUSA is meant to assist the students across the nation, Essayroo works for students who are enrolled in Australian colleges and universities, and UKEssays is for those who study at the UK higher education establishments. All our services host the best writers from all over the world. All of them are native English speakers, so you should not worry about the quality you will get. 

The other direction of our activities is reviewing other writing companies. The point of doing this is to help you understand what service can meet your needs without you having to register there. It will save your time and money as you will know which service is the best and which one does not deserve your attention. If you need to review a certain service, go to the ‘All Reviews’ tab of our website.

What Can I Offer You

The choice of a perfect essay writing platform is not an easy nut to crack. Take a look at what exactly you can get on our website.

Reviews of custom writing services

Our goal is to provide you with true facts and peculiarities of online writing platforms to help you filter decent services and low-quality ones. We spend a lot of time and various tools to gather the needed information. 

The ratings of the writing services

Each website we review is evaluated by certain criteria, so you can compare them easily to other similar companies. Quality of services, special features, the price list, guarantees, and user-friendliness of the platforms are included in the rating. 

Discounts and special offers from our top services

If you wish to reduce the price on your first order, use the discounts of our top-rated writing services and get your essay at the lucrative price.

How I Review
  • Web reputation
    The first thing I gather information about is testimonials of other customers. That gives us an understanding of what is the attitude of a certain company to its users’ problems and how they are solved. Also, when collecting testimonials, I check whether a writing company follows its policies and guarantees.
  • Step-by-step registration process
    The next thing that I test is a sign-up process. I pay special attention to the speed and quality of a user interface. After testing it, I describe the whole process in detail and evaluate it in comparison to other services.
  • Audience Review
    During our discovery of the online writing platform, I evaluate the quality of writers, their origin, and their expertise. Since many companies claim that they have premium writers who are native speakers, I check the quality of ‘standard’ writers. Oftentimes, the latter write in very poor English.
  • Payment system check-up
    To avoid doubts about the website’s reliability, I conduct thorough research on payment methods and systems that provide users’ transactions. This is to make sure you can chargeback your money in case of a poor service provided.
  • Safety overview
    To evaluate how safe a writing service is, I discover its terms of use and policies regarding privacy and data protection. If they are not decent, I consider such websites to be a scam. Also, a custom writing company must not transmit the data of its users to third parties. However, some companies do it and spam their users with advertisements of their partners.
  • Summarizing
    After a thorough discovery is done, I collect all the data I have found, and combine it into a laconic review that you can use as a guide to the service. Our reviews also contain screenshots of a user dashboard for you to get familiar with the service visually before registration.
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