10 July 2018

3 tools to check the quality of the paper delivered by a writing service

by ExpertPaperWriter

3 tools to check the quality of the paper

There is a wave of excitement when you receive your essay written by a freelancer or a writing service for the first time. It means, you tried it, and it worked out. There was no scam, no delayed delivery, and the essay seems to be well-formatted and even nice to read. But never forget to check your paper for plagiarism! If you don’t do it, your teacher will for sure. So better face the reality on your own and have time for a plan B.

The essay industry is booming, there are more and more new companies appearing on the market daily. They all promise 100% unique papers, only native English-speaking writers. And, of course, all with higher education and hands-on experience. But let’s be realistic. There are not enough experts in paper writing industry to fulfill all the vacant roles in those daily appearing companies. Unfortunately, sometimes, some companies are much less reliable then they position themselves. There are students receiving plagiarized papers. There are those who can’t understand a single sentence of a freshly bought paper, that badly it’s written.

There is no guarantee whether you end up being the lucky one or the victim. Well, you can do your research well and work only with reliable essay writing companies. But better to check twice, than regret once. Find out below, how to check if your essay is plagiarized.

#1 Plagiarism checkers

The best answer here is to ask your writer to use a plagiarism checker and just send you a report once the essay is done. This way you will:

  • Show your writer that it is not so easy to fool you. Since you are going to review the quality of the completed work.
  • Save money on using a paid software. It is well-known that free plagiarism checkers are not that reliable. Some of them may save your paper in their own database and then resell it further. That’s how they afford to be free. On the other hand, buying a subscription to a paid tool to check your essay for plagiarism might not be the best solution if you are going to use it only once.

Usually, if you ordered your paper from a trustworthy custom writing platform they check your essay for plagiarism by default. At the end you would get a report for no extra cost. Some others offer it as an extra service and you can purchase it if the software they are using is reliable. For your knowledge here are a few high-class tools to check your paper for plagiarism:

  • Copyscape Premium – no free version, but in case of daily usage it is worth purchasing their license.
  • Grammarly Premium – one of the most common tools used by freelancers as a plagiarism checker.
  • PlagiarismSearch – another popular paid tool.
  • PlagScan – detects even the text that was altered and shows links to similar content.

#2 Check your paper with Google

Most of the times your paper will have a page with sources cited throughout the essay. Having no page with this kind of sources is already a red flag. Most of essays ordered online are related to various academic fields of studies, so there is no way one can avoid citing. It might be showing the opposite – the writer just copied sentences or phrases without proper citing. That is the reason of not mentioning them as sources. In this case you have to read through the paper and select separate sentences which make you feel suspicious. If it feels like it’s too scientific and the style differs from the rest of the text copy it in Google. It will take you to the original source in case it’s listed in the web.

#3 Check your paper for grammar errors

You might not be the best proofreader in the world, but that’s not something to be ashamed of. After all that’s why you hired a professional writer. Even if you ask your friend to go through the paper and you do trust his or her eyes, it’s still good to use a software afterwards.

So a few grammar checkers below to save you from proofreading your text a thousand and one times.

  • Ginger Software
  • Grammarly (as mentioned above it also has a plagiarism checker included in the Premium version)
  • ProWritingAid

Check Out Top Services

All the abovementioned tools provide suggestions once encountering errors in your text. Be careful to turn off the autocorrection they do. Regardless how sophisticated tool you use it still can not understand the usage of that specific word in a sentence or a phrase. The software also makes mistakes. So, either check it carefully using a software and your own knowledge or hire an editor to double check your paper. By the way, trustworthy paper writing companies offer editing and proofreading as extra services as well.